Unrestricted migration to be proposed

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  El Universo (Guayaquil,Ecuador) 2/15/10

 Open Western Hemisphere borders proposed

The Ecuadorian government will ask the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote the free movement of people within the continent in order to curb the deportation of immigrants who are in an “irregular condition” [Read: illegal].  Hernan Holguin, sub-secretary of the Ecuadorian national department that oversees migrant issues, indicated that the matter will be presented before the OAS as “a matter of human rights” and to stop the deportation of “irregular immigrants.”  Holguin expressed the opinion that humanity is advancing toward a “universal citizenship” and that world globalization is not centered only in the movement of merchandise, but also in people, for which reason it is a right for emigrants to come and go in other countries as they wish.  The proposal has to do with urging “an integrated migrant policy with full respect for human rights in the framework of human mobility,” he said.  Holguin emphasized that the process of returning to one’s country of origin should be “orderly, planned and supported” in order to avoid situations in which the undocumented immigrant might be arrested for a minor infraction and be deported, thus destroying his life’s future plans.  He pointed out that in order to confront this matter, his country, for example, has subscribed to a “migratory agreement” with Peru that is similar to another established by Mexico.  Ecuador estimates that it has one-fifth of its population in migratory status, mostly in the US, Spain and Italy, brought on by an economic crisis in the country in 1999 and considered the worst in its national history.



 Prensa Libre (Guatemala) 2/15/10

 Vigilante justice

A mob from a small community in the state of Sololá, Guatemala, lynched three men who had previously assaulted a bus, robbed the passengers and wounded one of the bus attendants who later died of his injuries.  The mob trapped the suspects, lynched them and left their bodies on a road leading to the local cemetery, “without the intervention of the authorities.”


 La Hora (Guatemala) 2/15/10

 Judicial justice

Five men accused of the assassination of two police officers in Mazatenango, Guatemala, last October 17 and arrested after a chase and gun battle, were set free after the Public Ministry solicited the closure of the penal process against them.  The five left prison this morning.


 El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 2/15/10

 The Security Commission of the Mexican Senate advised that from December, 2006, to December, 2009, half the present presidential term, there have been approximately 17,000 organized crime related executions recorded.  Of those, 620 were females, which may indicate increased female participation in criminal activities or that they are becoming targets of revenge.  Other victims of organized crime are about 1,500 police and 87 soldiers.  The hardest hit state has been Chihuahua.


 El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 2/15/10

 Marihuana seized

An investigation by Mexican federal police in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, led to the discovery of 1.1 tons of marihuana in 231 packages.  The investigation is continuing to find those responsible.


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One Response to “Unrestricted migration to be proposed”

  1. PF Says:

    Regarding “Open Western Hemisphere BordersProposed” – what is “irregular condition”. Sounds like constipation to me. Really – are these fools for real? We are a nation of laws! It is AGAINST THE LAW to sneak in here without going through proper channels. There is no respect from other countries for our laws. We need to beware and protect what we have. If we don’t this country as we know it will be destroyed. If there is any dought, then visit this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7WJeqxuOfQ

    I bet in this pivitol election year, there will be commercials extolling the virtues of open borders – all funded, of course, by the governments of other countries.

    This is crazy.

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