It’s the impunity, stupid !

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Wednesday, 2/3/10

El Economista (Mexico City) 2/2/10

The narcos are winning

Portions of an op/col. by Alberto Aguirre, titled as above

During 2009, the United States government used airplanes – unmanned aircraft, UAVs better known as Predators – to watch its maritime borders, as much on the Atlantic as on the Pacific and on the Gulf of Mexico. The security of the border with Mexico was reinforced in this way. For the U.S. government, it’s not only about halting illegal immigration, but cutting the contraband of money, drugs and weapons “which has set on fire the violence of the cartels in Mexico.” Nevertheless, the war report shows that the battle against organized crime is being lost on both sides of the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande River.)

The amount of money and drugs seized practically doubled at the border crossing points between Mexico and the United States. The Obama administration can do little due to the increase of organized crime activities. The financial crisis has forced the decrease of governmental functions and budgetary cuts in almost all areas. The resources available are insufficient to halt the cartels. The 410 million dollars requested from Congress for the Merida Initiative will not make the difference. Of that amount, 310 million will stay in Mexico and the rest would be allocated to various Central American countries


El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) 2/2/10

Mexican Labor Party laments disinterest re migratory issue

“Pedro Vazquez, a Mexican Deputy (Congressman) and coordinator of the Labor Party congressional section in the Chamber of Deputies (House of Reps.,) lamented the disinterest of the Mexican political class concerning the immigration problem of the Mexicans in the United States. He emphasized that the Mexicans who have left the country without papers to seek work in the United States live in conditions of high social vulnerability. Deputy Pedro Vazquez, interviewed in the San Lazaro (equiv. U.S. Capitol) session halls, criticized President Obama’s migratory policy, as a continuation of the programs the Republican  George Bush established, and which include a virtual fence on the common border of the United States with Mexico. Immigration problems cannot be resolved with fences nor with repression, said the legislator, who demanded that this problem be resolved by dialogue mechanisms.”


El Diario (Managua, Nicaragua) 2/2/10

A questionable jail release

Eddy Ronald Martinez, 34, was a Nicaraguan National Police captain when, on Sept. 7, 2009, he was caught smuggling two Chinese men, both illegally in the country. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment but has now been set free. The reason? “Neurosis and hypertension.”


Judicial paradise for narcos

A report by Nicaragua’s Strategic Study and Public Policy Institute reveals that, in Nicaragua, over 100 persons linked to drug smuggling have been freed from prison in the last five years, and that the “business of narco-liberations” involves judges, magistrates, secretaries and lawyers at all levels of the judicial system. “What causes most alarm and scandal is that the lawyers are ever more aggressive, and if they don’t get the narcos out by paying money or by legal trickery, they do it by falsifying documents or by bribing juries.”


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 2/2/10

Increase in flow of illegals

Juan Jose Garcia, El Salvador’s Vice-Minister for Salvadorans Abroad, said that, compared to last year, a 35% increase has been noted in January in the northbound flow of Salvadorans through Guatemala and Mexico. After visiting migrants’ shelters in those countries, every installation reported a substantial increase.


El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon, Coahuila) 2/2/10

Bloody event in Torreon

On Monday evening, federal police attempted to halt a convoy of at least five vehicles on the belt highway around Torreon. The occupants refused to stop and fired at the police. A chase ensued and state police and military personnel joined in. The eventual result was seven thugs and one police officer killed. Three police officers, a soldier and one other thug were wounded. Two recently kidnapped victims, both tied and gagged, were found in one of the thugs’ vehicles. Also found: four AR15 assault rifles, 34 clips, 932 rounds of ammo, two fragmentation grenades and two bulletproof vests. One of the thugs’ vehicles was armored.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 2/2/10

Younger women involved in crime

Two women, a 20 year old & a pregnant 23 year old, sisters, both from Chiapas, were found in Tijuana in a car stolen from California. Also with them: five AK47 assault rifles, an AR15 rifle, 30 clips, 403 rounds of ammo for the AK47s, plus 221 other rounds. [No other information about their activities or local links was included.]


La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City) 2/2/10

Two more bloody events

When police in Salamanca, Guanajuato, responded to a robbery in progress, thugs fired on them, killed two of the police, and then fled. Another pursuit started and the criminals threw grenades which killed three more police. And in Tepic, Nayarit, police were caught in a crossfire between two criminal groups. Three and possibly five police died there.


Milenio (Mexico City) 2/2/10

The failure of Mexico’s criminal justice system

[The last paragraph of an op/col. by Roman Revueltas, titled “It’s the impunity, stupid!”]

The criticism of Calderon leaves aside, very interestingly, the gravest problem facing the nation: impunity. Our justice system is so bad that those hired thugs who kill, and those residents who shoot, will never set foot in jail. Such a horrifying reality, however, has nothing to do with Mexico’s current president. All of us have built it.


The cartoon below is from “La Jornada,” a liberal Mexico City paper. The Grim Reaper, carrying a smoking assault rifle, says: “What a great country!” His suitcase has stickers from Ciudad Juarez, BarBar [a nightspot in Mexico City recently in the national spotlight due to violence], Torreon and Guanajuato, and his travel brochure reads Sinaloa, Tijuana, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas. The tourist stands reads “Tourism Promotion Council” and “Mexico lives, thanks to you”


-end of report –

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