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An Oriental adventure; corruption; Heads up; soldiers on the beach; blood in TJ; weed, watermelons and milestones; and chastised by the Bishop

December 16, 2009

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Wednesday, 12/16/09

Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) & Excelsior (Mexico City) 12/15/09

Chinese caught en route to the U.S.

Odd noises from inside a truck stopped at a highway checkpoint led to the discovery of ten Chinese being smuggled en route to the U.S.; the truck was on a highway between Cosoleacaque, Veracruz, and Nuevo Teapan, Tabasco [an area on the north end of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, near the port city of Coatzocoalcos.] The seven males and three females, all illegally in Mexico, told federal officials that they had traveled from China to Nepal to India and then to Thailand. From there, they had gone by sea to Mexico, where they had boarded a trailer that would take them to their final destination, the United States. The truck driver and his “copilot” were both detained. “Hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens cross through Mexican territory every year with the idea of reaching the United States, in search of better living opportunities.”

A tale of corruption

Mexico’s “PGR” [equiv. to the Dep’t. of Justice] reported that during Pres. Calderon’s term in office [which began 3 yrs. ago] and up until Aug. 31st of this year, 62 public officials have been charged with criminal violations due to their links with drug traffickers or with organized crime. Of the total, 31 were Federal Police, 9 in Customs, 20 were Federal Investigation Agents, and two were agents of the “Federal Public Ministry.” Three were the highest ranking members of “SIEDO” [the Mexican federal agency that specializes in organized crime investigations.] Several others were also high ranking officials in other law enforcement agencies.


El Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coah.) 12/15/09

Hanging heads

Two men were kidnapped Monday in El Salto, Durango. On Tuesday morning, just their heads were found hanging from a pedestrian overpass at nearby Pueblo Nuevo. Federal police are attempting to find the bodies.


El Universal (Mexico City) 12/15/09

Militaries running police in Cancun

The mayor of Cancun announced that the “Preventive,” “Tourist” and “Transit” police agencies of the city have been put under the command of generals and colonels. In announcing the new chiefs, the mayor said that this was done “due to the evident infiltration by crime in our municipal police.” Last February, a retired army general, then heading the Cancun city police, was assassinated along with his bodyguard and his nephew. That crime took place with the presumed complicity of organized crime.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 12/15/09

Blood running in Tijuana

Twenty-nine persons have been assassinated in Tijuana in the last four days. At least four of the victims were decapitated.


La Cronica (Mexicali, Baja Calif.) 12/15/09

Weed & watermelons

A northbound tractor trailer was found to be hauling 2,580.8 kilos (6,271.76 lbs.) of marihuana; the semi was at the Mexican side of the border crossing, awaiting to go to Calexico, Calif., and then to Los Angeles. The weed was in “perfectly wrapped” and taped packages hidden among a load of watermelons.


Norte (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 12/15/09

Deadly milestone for Juarez

As of Monday afternoon, Dec. 14, Ciudad Juarez had reached a record of 2,514 victims of homicide this year. The month of November ended with 261 murders, 193 car jackings and 10 kidnappings.


El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 12/15/09

“Divided by ‘the wall of shame’ “

[full art. transl.] Tijuana- The Metropolitan Archbishop, Rafael Romo Munoz, qualified as a shame the fence that the government of the United States is building to separate migrant families; he stated this during the Bi-National Shelter (event) held yesterday where the Friendship Park once was. Around one hundred persons on the Mexican side shared the event with some 80 fellow citizens who struggled to be present on the North American side. Immigration officials only allowed groups of 25 persons to pass, who could stay for only half an hour in the area where the Friendship Park was located.

During an interview, Romo Munoz pointed out how surprising it was to him that the current Nobel Peace Prize (winner), the U.S. President Barack Obama, would build so quickly the three dividing fences that now separate Mexico from the United States on this side of the border. Likewise, he repudiated (the fact) that the Anglo-Saxon authorities would shatter the possibility that the classic meetings and reunions of migrant families could take place in that symbolic place. Amidst praises, songs, prayer and shows of affection, the highest Catholic hierarch in the region pointed out the significance of the word shelter, which means refuge. A place that opens the doors and the heart, so that those tired and the pilgrims may enter. In that same prayer, Romo Munoz asked the Almighty to soften the heart of people. “The Friendship Park ought to no longer be called that because of the many obstacles that they have placed, it is already impossible for brothers to approach one another or even to touch hands as in previous times,” he lamented.

Finally, the Prelate stated that this was the XVI Edition of the Bi-National Shelter, but this was the first year that it was carried out with barriers in the way. Nevertheless, he asked not to lose hope. It needs adding that, as a fraternal deed, some nuns belonging to various migrants’ shelters tossed sweets in some little bags to share them with the brothers in the U.S.A., however, immigration authorities seized the candies because they termed it as “an attempt against national security.” A number of activists in favor of the rights of migrants could be seen on the North American side, among them Enrique Morones, recently granted the award of activist in favor of Human Rights in Mexico, which he received from President Felipe Calderon.  [The area in question is at the extreme southwestern point of the continental United States. During WWII and afterwards, it was used as an auxiliary communications facility for the U.S. Navy base at San Diego. For years after that, only naval maintenance personnel and U.S. Border Patrol officers had access to the place. Falling into disuse, it was ceded to the State of California as a gift in the early 60’s. It was made into a park and then became an additional focus of border violations.]   


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