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Visa fraud in Brazil

December 8, 2009

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El Financiero (Mexico City) 12/7/09

US visa fraud operation taken down in Brazil

The Brazilian police, in collaboration with US authorities, broke up a group dealing in fraudulent US temporary work visas, according to an official report from Sao Paulo.  Eleven members of the organization accused of fraudulently issuing work permits were arrested in the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina, according to the US Consul General in Sao Paulo.  Police authorities estimate that the organization collected up to 52 million dollars in the seven years in which they were active and, in addition, they are suspected of issuing visas for the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Romania and Russia.  According to the consulate, at least 4,500 Brazilians were victims of the  fraud, which consisted in promising employment positions in the US at a cost of over 15,000 dollars.  The investigation began in 2004 when the fraud prevention unit of the consulate in Sao Paulo began to detect irregularities in visa applications for temporary work. [Note: the article gave no further details of how the fraud was carried out.]


Cocaine seized in Ecuador

A total of 700 kilos of cocaine was seized from a ranch near the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, (Ecuador’s economic center) in an operation that also resulted in the arrest of six people.  Also seized were 5 vehicles, nearly 150,000 dollars US and 110,000 Colombian pesos, according to local media. The cocaine was packed in the form of bricks enveloped in sheets of lead to avoid detection by x-ray examination.


 El Universal (Mexico City) 12/7/09

 Ten percent of US population of Mexican origin

The Secretary of Mexico’s National Population Council (Conapo), Felix Velez Fernandez Varela, affirmed that presently in the US, 10% of the population of 305 million are of Mexican origin and that there has been no massive repatriation of migrants because of the recession.  The Secretary clarified his statement by saying that if only those from Mexico, and not their children, are considered, the number would be some 12 million people.  “There are around 30 million people of Mexican origin in a country of 305 million, a percentage that is not minor, because we are talking about ten percent,” he said.  Based on the US census, the official emphasized that since the recession in the US, there are productive sectors that affect the quality of life of Mexicans, principally in the fields of construction and industry.  “According to official data, 25% of the Mexican migrants are occupied in construction which was the first affected by the economic crisis.  Another 25% are in domestic work, which was least affected, and industry is the most severely affected,” he said. 


 La Voz de la Frontera (Mexicali, Baja California) 12/7/09

 Sexual abuse reported by female migrants

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas – At least six out of every 10 female migrants suffer some type of sexual abuse, from harassment to actual physical violations, during their journeys from their countries of origin to the northern states of Mexico or the US, reported a civil group in the Mexican southern state of Chiapas.  The organization is is carrying out projects located in the towns of Arriaga and Tonala where the train passes through two times a week with hundreds of immigrants.  “We don’t want to stigmatize the migrant population, but it is at risk, above all, the women who are violated and have sexual relations without protection,” pointed out Erika Sanchez, who works with the organization on the subject of prevention of sexually transmitted disease.


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