Serious charges made by Mexican journalist

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La Jornada (Mexico City) 11/23/09

 Social cleaning

Madrid- Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho in a press conference today in Madrid, Spain, in denouncing human rights violations and persecution of the press in her country, said that the deaths from violence in Mexico, 15,000 in the past three years, might form part of a plan of “social cleaning by the country of Mexico.”  She continued, “Specialists in Mexico at this moment are beginning to investigate if these 15,000 assassinations are linked to an intentional social cleaning by the Mexican state.”  Since Felipe Calderon has been president, three years ago, “in Mexico we are experiencing a growing authoritarianism” justified by “the war” (against narcotraffic), for which “the militarization and the harassment of journalists and defenders of human rights have increased dangerously.”  In 2006, Cacho was detained in Cancun “arbitrarily” and jailed for 24 hours before paying a fine of $6,500 for allegedly committing the crime of defamation, but the Mexican court sided with her in 2007.


Narco-banners in Michoacán

The accesses to the city of Morelia, Michoacán, were greeted this morning by diverse banners signed by the criminal organization, La Familia Michoacána, threatening and accusing the federal police of links with their rival criminal group, Los Zetas.  In general, the banners all carried messages to the people to not be fooled by the federal police who support Los Zetas. 


 El Debate (Sinaloa) 11/23/09

 Sinaloa ranks high in violence

The governor of Sinaloa, Jesus Aguilar Padilla, considers it very serious that his state occupies the eighth international position among the most violent areas.  Nevertheless, he said that this situation is in all of the country and the general perception [of Sinaloa] is because acts of violence hit in recurring waves.  He said the police forces will be strengthened by the end of the week with the arrival of 170 security personnel in the city of Navolato.  He added that it is important to combat the causes [of violence] with education and values, especially to give better opportunities to youths who are the principal targets and victims of organized crime.


Dismal outlook

[First and last paragraphs of  today’s editorial, “Youths ‘cannon fodder’.”]

The uncontrolled violence, combined with multiple factors like the disintegration of families, poverty, unemployment, and not rarely, the urge to earn easy money are the causes that in Sinaloa death statistics, include a high percentage of youths.

 The question we all ask is: where are we going and where is the light in the tunnel?  In the violence that daily kills more youths, one must see on one side the social decomposition and corruption, and on the other, the lack of values at the heart of the family, not forgetting the ineffectiveness of the government to do its work for the welfare of Mexicans.


 Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 11/23/09

 Another large seizure

Nearly three tons of marihuana were discovered by Mexican Army units inspecting a tractor-trailer truck in Tijuana.  The driver was arrested. [Photo relates.]

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