Poverty in Latin America

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Friday, 11/20/09

El Financiero (Mexico City) 11/19/09

President Calderón talks about immigration

– full article transl. – President Calderón ratified his conviction about providing a legal, orderly and humane direction to the migratory flow which takes place from Mexico to the United States, because it is “unacceptable” that 400 Mexicans should die each year while attempting to cross the border. The head of the federal Executive pointed out that, in chats with American members of congress, or with President Barack Obama himself, he has always stated that the objective is not to be a government that may improve or perfect the export of a workforce.

He stated, “Our objective is that someday the people may not have to go due to necessity, but, on the contrary, that they may be able to obtain in Mexico the working conditions and the opportunities that, simply, it has not been possible to generate here.” In Ticuitaco, the head of state led the placing of a cornerstone of the civic plaza “Doctor Jose Hernandez Moreno”, the astronaut of Mexican origin who was a member of a space mission on the  shuttle Discovery in September. In this community, where tens of men have left their families to emigrate and seek employment in the United States, Calderón-Hinojosa cited the astronaut as an example, due to the perseverance and effort he made to reach greater heights.

He said that it is the most daring people who go away, the bravest, most courageous and hardest working, and that is to the detriment of not only their family, but the economy also loses the best of its people, and politics, since leaders go away, responsible persons who would be able to lead their communities and take them to a better destiny. Felipe Calderón pointed out that migration is a reality that must be changed, but not by means of decrees or fences, but by means of the generation of work options here in Mexico.

He pointed out that Hernandez Moreno is one of the most distinguished scientists of Mexico and the United States, because of his perseverance and desire to study, and he added that one must dream very high “and not only that. But to have the will, the courage and the wherewithal to be able to fight and with everything.” (sic) He emphasized, “So, fellow countrymen, let us dream big and let us have the courage and the wherewithal to go, pursue and reach the dream of a better Michoacán and a better Mexico.”


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 11/18/09

Poverty in Latin America

A report by the executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) shows that 14 million additional persons in Latin America will join the ranks of poverty and indigence. Prior to the start of the economic crisis which began in the last quarter of last year there were 251 million poor and indigents in the region. The number of poor will encompass 34.1 percent of the region’s total population.

But, also today, “El Universal” (Mexico City) added to this by reporting that Mexico and Venezuela will account for the majority of those going into poverty. It also stated that the poor in the region total 189 million. Following on this theme, “El Financiero” (Mexico City) today headlined that Mexico will have 37 million poor by year’s end.


El Diario, Norte,(both Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 11/18/09

More bloodshed in Juarez

Two agents of the Police Intelligence Center (CIPOL) were gunned down this morning while at a gas station in Juarez. Two other agents and two gas station attendants were also shot but survived. Four hours earlier, also in Juarez, two “Ministerial” state police agents were ambushed and killed in a car-to-car gunfire assault elsewhere in town. Five other persons were assassinated in Ciudad Juarez yesterday, and a male and female couple was wounded by firearms. According to press data, November now tallies 140 homicide victims in Juarez, while the year’s total is 2,252.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 11/18/09

Heroin northbound in Sonora

Mex. federal police found a total of 4.5 kilos (9.9 lbs.) of heroin aboard northbound passenger buses that had come from Culiacan, Sinaloa, and were bound for Ciudad Obregon and for Hermosillo, Sonora. One passenger was arrested in each of the buses.


El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 11/18/09

Police chiefs arrested

Formal orders were issued yesterday for the arrest of the former chiefs of police of the cities of Monterrey, of its satellite city of Guadalupe, and of the nearby city of Montemorelos, state of Nuevo Leon. (Monterrey is the center of a large metropolitan area.) All three ex-chiefs were found to have been collaborating with the narco-criminal group, the “Zetas.” Ten other police officers were also named in the arrest order.


El Universal (Mexico City) 11/18/09

More marihuana

Mex. military personnel seized 2,229 kilos (4,893.8 lbs.) of weed at a highway checkpoint between Mexicali and Tijuana, Baja Calif. The drug was in 438 packages and hidden in a truck hauling a load of cereal.


The issue of corruption continued to reverberate in the Mexican press today, and producing items such as the cartoon below. It reads : “Corruption: Let us be optimists: Mexico is more corrupt than 88 countries….. but less corrupt than 91 countries!”


– end of report –

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