Vigilante justice in Guatemala

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 El Financiero (Mexico city) 11/16/09

Guatemalan police agent lynched
A group of neighbors in San Martin Jilotepeque, an indigenous community in western Guatemala, lynched an agent of the National Civil Police (PNC) whom they accused of extorting the driver of a public bus.  A spokesman for the PNC said the lynching happened this morning.  The agent, 36, was captured by a mob of locals last night who accused him of extortion.  He was disarmed by them and tied to a post, according to the spokesman, “and for several hours, subjected to blows and torture until this morning when he was doused with gasoline and burned alive.”  A study by the humanitarian Mutual Help Group (GAM) in Guatemala showed that in the first nine months of 2009, 110 cases of attempted lynchings have occurred, 28 of them successful.  These events are attributed to the insecurity caused by the lack of response by enforcement agencies.
Marihuana load stopped in Chile

Santiago de Chile
.  Five people in a drug trafficking gang were arrested transporting 200 kilos of processed marihuana brought in from the Araucania region [central Chile].  The group, led by a Paraguayan, had smuggled the load into Chile from Argentina through a remote pass.
More info on the Tijuana tunnel
The four men arrested in connection with the tunnel project discovered in Tijuana, Baja California, last week [M3 Report 11/8/09] have been formally ordered held for 40 days while the investigation continues.  The construction of their 122-meter tunnel was less than half way to crossing under the border into the US near the western edge of the Tijuana International Airport.
El Debate (Sinaloa) 11/16/09

Mexican Army scores again
The Mexican Army delivered another blow to narcotraffic by seizing a load of over 12 tons of marihuana and four vehicles — one, a large Kenworth truck — in the town of Choix, Sinaloa.  No arrests were reported.  [Photo relates.]


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