Cops and robbers time again

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Friday, 11/13/09

Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 11/12/09

Cops and robbers I

In Guatemala, a court has ordered the arrest of eleven members of the National Civil Police (“PNC”) suspected of involvement in the theft of a load of 119 kilos of cocaine last August. Among the eleven is Porfirio Perez, who was then the head of the “PNC”; he is already detained due to the theft of 350,000 dollars found in a vehicle in Chimaltenango. Other high and mid-level officials of the “PNC” are included in the arrest order. The truck where the cocaine was found is believed to have been carrying more than 1,000 kilos of the drug.


Excelsior (Mexico City) 11/12/09

Cops and robbers II

A week ago, in Mexicali, Baja Calif., two federal police officials were murdered and a third one was wounded. Three armed men who carried out the attack have now been detained. All three turned out to be officers of the “Ministerial Federal Police” of Mexico.


Norte (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 11/12/09

Juarez & Chihuahua tidbits

Today’s item headlines in the paper’s “Insecurity” section:

Two state security chiefs assassinated in Chihuahua * * * * Another business locale set on fire * * * * One patrol unit crash every day; there’s now 333 this year * * * * Witnesses say a military convoy allows extortionists to escape * * * * Six murdered yesterday; three others wounded* * * * Judge orders prison for state police agents.


El Sur (Acapulco, Guerrero) 11/12/09

Weapons in Guerrero state

Near La Union, Guerrero (up the coast from Acapulco) federal police and naval personnel seized weapons believed to belong to the “Familia Michoacána” criminal group. The items located included 19 rifles (AK47, AR15 & MAK90), a .50 cal. Barret rifle, 9 handguns, 14 fragmentation grenades, 4,606 rounds of ammo, 134 loaders, vests, belts & other gear.


Agora (Chihuahua, Chih.) 11/12/09

Weapons in Ciudad Juarez

An anonymous report caused Mex. military to arrest Hector Retana Garcia, 39, in Juarez. Retana was driving an ’03 Suzuki with Texas lic. V20DGM. Inside the vehicle: five AK47 rifles, two AR15 rifles, a 9 mm. sub-machine gun, 38 loaders, and ammo.


El Heraldo, (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) 11/12/09

Homicide data from Honduras

There have now been 4,214 homicides in Honduras this year, a monthly average of 421 victims and a daily one of 14. This October ended with 498 homicides. The causes are blamed on organized crime and gang membership rivalries. There have also been 92 victims of kidnapping his year. [Honduras is slightly larger than Tennessee.]


La Hora (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 11/12/09

Homicide data from Guatemala

The president of the “Mutual Support Group” (“GAM”) of Guatemala, Mario Polanco, stated that constant changes of personnel in government agencies are the main reason why the wave of violence flailing the country is not brought to a halt. “GAM” data shows that there have been 3,286 homicides in Guatemala so far this year and that the total for the last three years is now 9,910. This year’s monthly average of homicide victims is 328. Polanco foresees that next year will be even worse.


La Hora (Quito, Ecuador) 11/12/09

FARC reaches out to Colombian military

Leaders of FARC [the drug trafficking Colombian guerillas) have reached out to members of Colombia’s military to join them in rejecting the accord signed between Bogota and Washington, which allows the U.S. to use seven military bases in Colombia. The FARC’s message, sent via the internet, does not indicate clearly whether they wish for the military to be insubordinate or to leave the military ranks as a form of rejecting the military cooperation accord, which FARC calls “a poison dagger buried” in the country. Last October 30, Colombia and the U.S. signed a 10 year, renewable agreement which grants U.S. civilian and military personnel access to seven Colombian military installations, thus amplifying a years-long cooperation and presence. Colombia has insisted that the operations from the bases are against drug traffic and subversion, and that they will be restricted to national territory. But nations such as Venezuela have said that the U.S. forces represent a “threat” to their national security because Washington seeks to de-stabilize its government.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 11/12/09

Border walls [last paragraph of an op/col. by Oscar Genel re: anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall]

There are walls still to be torn down. Some are already built and others are still projects, but both divide, separate and place farther apart the peoples who, in that reality, suffer the weight of the stronger one, the oppression of the richer one, the arrogance of the developed one. That eyesore that is there, in plain view of all, at the reach of any hand, as a wound when it is intended and as an affront when it is reality. The walls to be torn down are many and the official desires for that to happen are quite few; they almost do not exist in the minds and programs of governments of the countries of the so-called first world. The Germans enjoyed the fall of the wall that separated them. We Mexicans will most likely not see the fall of the bricks that offend us, that affront us as a people who deserve respect and consideration from their neighbors, because we don’t have the government officials which we deserve, because there are no social leaders with such stature, because we are destined as a country to be the back yard of the house inhabited by the rich ones from the North.


Scroll down to see the attachment, a cartoon from “El Financiero”. The goon wears a belt buckle which reads: “Organized Crime’. His victims are Lady Justice and the Winged Victory statues. The latter refers to the angel atop the well known Mexico City monument on the city center’s Paseo de la Reforma.


– end of report –

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