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Slow news day; deaths, arrests and seizures

October 27, 2009

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El Debate (Sinaloa) 10/26/09

Deadly Sinaloa: three more deaths reported
The bodies of three unidentified men were discovered on a roadside near Guamuchil, Sinaloa.  All were tied and blindfolded and showed evidence of torture before being dispatched by shots to the head. 
Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 10/26/09

More deaths
Two bodies with a narco message were found in the back of a car parked on a street in Tijuana.  The message carried a threat to the local police.
El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 10/26/09

Pot growers arrested
State police in Jalisco arrested six people and destroyed some 41,600 marihuana plants in a plantation near the town of Teocuitatlan de Corona.  The field was 10,400 square meters [2.6 acres] and had facilities nearby for drying and packaging the product.
Near Xalapa, Veracruz, local authorities seized 374.61 kilos of marihuana and arrested two men, both from the state of Oaxaca.
La Jornada (Mexico City) 10/26/09

Sensitivity training for police
After 34 hours of detention in the town jail of Alcozauca in the mountains of Guerrero state, 29 members of the town police were released.  A group of 200 or so locals, mostly indigenous Mixtecos, had jailed the police because of their alleged mistreatment of the local population.  A lengthy negotiation with higher authorities won their release.
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