Probable record cocaine load seized

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Friday, 10/23/09

Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 10/22/09

Possible record cocaine load seized

A load of cocaine estimated at 10,000 kilos (22,000 pounds) was seized from a “mini-sub” some 180 nautical miles from Guatemala on the Pacific Ocean. An unidentified Coast Guard vessel and aircraft intercepted the mini-sub; later, Guatemalan navy and DEA agents made the seizure. Three Colombians and one Mexican were found aboard the craft and were arrested. The submersible was headed to Guatemala and the ultimate destination of the load was said to be the United States. The craft was being taken to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, and was said to be of the type built by the Colombian FARC guerillas and narcos.


Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas) 10/22/09

Mexican senator defends migrants

Mexican Senator Manuel Velasco proposed that the country’s new head of the National Human Rights Commission ally himself with international agencies to “strive for the legal recognition of our fellow citizens who work in the United States.”  He said that supporting undocumented Mexicans also granted confidence and calm to millions of families in Mexico in that their relatives in the United States have allies to protect them.

“We believe that the issue of human rights……must also expand its activities beyond the national borders, and in particular beyond the northern border, which is where millions of our Mexican brothers live and work under conditions that undermine their dignity.”  He added that the new ombudsman must be firm in condemning the fence being built on the northern border, “the wall of shame,” as well as in denouncing ”the humiliations to which our fellow citizens are subjected to by American officials in the border area.”


Diario Xalapa (Xalapa, Veracruz) 10/22/09

Official comments on state of Mexico migration figures

Arnulfo Valdivia, International Affairs Coordinator of the state of Mexico [Note: not of the country of Mexico; one of the country’s states is also called Mexico] acknowledged that 14,000 state residents emigrate “to the other side” each year in search of better opportunities. [“The other side” is a common Mexican slang expression when referring to the United States]


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  10/22/09

Bloody Juarez

The local news section today featured seven, more prominent leading items. These were followed by a secondary “More news” listing. The eighth of these listed reads: “Another violent day; 16 assassinated yesterday.”

But “Norte”, another Ciudad Juarez paper, reported that yesterday’s murder count was 17. It added that the year’s count of policemen murdered in Juarez has now reached 50. On Tuesday, there were 33 shell casings from AK-47 gunfire around the body of the latest such victim.


Excelsior (Mexico City)  10/22/09

A shootout between “strongly armed men” and Mexican military resulted in ten dead, an unknown number of wounded and at least eight arrests in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Grenades, high caliber firearms and bazookas were used in the firefight.


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