One third of Mexican youth want to emigrate to the U.S.

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Thursday, 10/15/09

El Sol de Puebla (Puebla, state of Puebla) 10/14/09

One in three youths would emigrate

The State Population Council presented a “Socio-Demographic Profile of Youth in Puebla” which reveals that, of more than a million youths between 15 and 24 years of age, one third has the intention of migrating to the United States. The Council’s Secretary presented the document to state’s governor so that it may serve to define policies designed to improve the quality of life and opportunities for that sector of the population. The report points out that the most common conditions faced by young people are addictions, lack of opportunities and an early start to sexual activity. It mentioned that of more than a million young people, even from outlying areas of the state, one in three has the goal of migrating to the United States as soon as they finish high school. The Secretary added, “If one doesn’t cross the Rio Grande he’ll never amount to much, (one is) a coward, this worries me a lot because it generates frustration among those who don’t do it.” [Puebla is a state just south of the Distrito Federal and Mexico City]


Zocalo (Saltillo, Coahuila) 10/14/09

Arsenal seized in Sinaloa

Within the last eight days, in the area of Culiacan and Navolato, Sinaloa, Mexican military personnel have seized 215 firearms, 8,498 rounds of ammo, two fragmentation grenades, seven “luxury vehicles” including an armored pickup, plus over 120,000 dollars.


El Heraldo (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) 10/14/09


Not even the special circumstances which Honduras is experiencing, with curfews and a state of siege, have been able to diminish the number of violent deaths, which actually seem to have increased. Women, men, youths and older people are victims of criminality on a daily basis. For instance, the cadavers of three women aged between 24 and 30 (and) evidencing high caliber bullet wounds were found Sunday morning in the cane fields of La Sabana, in San Manuel, Cortes. It is also a common thing for hooded men to take people out of their homes, or kidnap them out in the middle of the street, and later these persons turn up assassinated.

There are so many violent deaths that the capital’s morgue is readying a massive burial of 33 cadavers that have been there for three months without relatives having come to claim them. The problem is that another 20 have been added and they’re running out of room. One of the greatest tasks that the future government has, once the current grave crisis is solved, is to confront the insecurity suffered by honest people.


Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  10/14/09

Motorcycle crime increases

Because of repeated criminal activity, it has been against the law since June 9 in Guatemala for two persons to ride on a motorcycle. However, crimes, including homicides, committed by motorcycle riders have not only continued but have increased in comparison with 2008.


Critica (Hermosillo, Sonora)  10/14/09

Help wanted for Nogales

Mexican congressman Miguel Pompa is asking Genaro Garcia, Mexico’s Secretary of Public Security, that public security be guaranteed in Nogales, Sonora, a city currently experiencing “a scenario of violence that compromises the integrity and the rights of Nogales residents.”  In a ten point message, Pompa asks for 300 federal “preventive police” personnel to be sent to Nogales to combat crime and guarantee public peace and order.


El Universal (Mexico City)  10/14/09

Overwhelming corruption

[1st & last paragraphs of an op/col. By Alejandro Gertz, titled as above]

In our country, overwhelming corruption is the owner, the boss lady and the ruler of our public and private lives. It puts governments in power or it annihilates dangerous politicians, it steals elections, it buys them, it negotiates them or simply “arranges them according to its own interests.”

Due to the social tragedy, we must ask ourselves if we deserve some biblical punishment or, simply, whether things will keep happening to us that are already taking place, but many times over, and, what is more likely, unless we truly dare to lead a daily struggle on behalf of the honest ones and against our eternal corruption.


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