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Tuesday, 10/13/09

El Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coahuila)  10/12/09

“Racism and xenophobia”

[The following is the first portion of an op/col. by Rafael Loret de Mola, a “political analyst”, author and past political candidate whose columns regularly appear in a number of Mexican newspapers.]

“They had been late in coming. In November 2008, after Barack Obama’s exulting victory, a topic by itself due to his profile as a man of color and the first one to reach the White House, it wasn’t just a few who showed their jubilation for the American demonstration of political civility in a nation whose history abounds in xenophobic and racist incidents, all of them degrading, due to a fascist tendency to separate the ethnic “minorities” from executive posts, thus attempting to limit the immigrants’ penetration. Less than a year later, in this October of dark clouds, the fear spreads about the possibility that an attack by the far right may take place against the president of the United States over an offensive campaign, including a segregationist one. A subject named Rush Limbaugh –- “El Pais”, October 5 – in complete exacerbation of fundamentals and with a radio microphone as a subversive weapon, has come to express: “In the United States of Obama, white children are beaten and the little black kids applaud. They are stealing our America and perhaps it may be too late to save it.” It’s not just a lost anecdote among the ordinary ill tasting ones. There are even like minded analysts who consider probable an “Obama intervention”, pointing to the serious difficulties of the president  in attempting to overcome the legacy of financial pitfalls of the Bush clan during the time of the world’s greatest speculation and with Wall Street trapped by the unraveling of the financial exchanges.

From there to a world recession there was only one step: the one Bush junior took by tolerating the excesses while he waged war in the Middle East and continued feeding the fear of terrorism among a citizenry tired of sharing land and room with the millions of immigrants who are also part of the North American nation. How bad things were for Arabian looking Americans after the New York attacks in 2001 ! And the same for all who, with the same origin, wanted to enter or leave the violated American soil following the hole created by the Talibans in the arrogance which attempted to place the most powerful country of our times as an impregnable bastion.”


Milenio (Mexico City)  10/12/09

Xenophobia in Mexico

A public opinion poll conducted  by the Milenio organization [a sizeable radio,TV & newspaper chain enterprise] shows that the number of persons born in other countries and currently residing in Mexico is believed to be too high. The poll was conducted among adults and has a 4.38 margin of error and a 95% margin of reliability. The first question in the poll dealt with the number of aliens currently residing in Mexico; 38.1% of respondents answered by saying it was too high. Another 65.9% said aliens in Mexico have no right to criticize the country’s status.


Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas)  10/12/09

“Narco Ranch” found

A routine traffic stop by police near the border with Guatemala resulted in the arrest of three individuals who confessed to prior murders and to have been trained in personal combat and survival techniques in Guatemala. They also revealed the location of a nearby ranch house where police later found 306 40mm. grenades, 22 anti-personnel rifle grenades, four loads of TNT, a Barret machine gun, 18 AK47 rifles, 21 AR15 rifles, five 38Super pistols, 17,212 rounds of ammo, plus radios, nine vehicles – including an armored one-, bullet proof vests, ammo belts, a tractor trailer and other gear.


El Sur (Acapulco, Guerrero) 10/12/09

Homicides increase

The paper’s headline reads: “Eight more executed; that’s 21 in three days.” Of the total, six more cadavers were found in Acapulco, four of them with “narcomessages”. The rest of the victims were located in various other localities of the state of Guerrero.


La Hora (Quito, Ecuador)  10/12/09

Ecuador cocaine seizures updated

The “M3 Report” of Oct. 9 featured the seizure of nearly four metric tons of cocaine by Ecuadoran police. Now, police there report that the week’s total has been raised to 8.4 metric tons of cocaine. An additional 4.3 metric tons were found behind a false wall in a Quito residence. All the drug is reportedly linked to “FARC”, the Colombian narco-guerilla organization, and their loss due to these latest seizures was said to amount to 480 million dollars.


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