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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

 El Diario de Juarez – Cd.Juarez, Chih.  09/28/09

 Three federal police detained for leaking info

 Three elements of the Federal Forces for Support of the Federal Police were arrested in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán, presumed to have leaked information to “La Familia Michoacánana” regarding operations performed by police.

 The Public Security Secretary (SSO) reported yesterday that the three agents apparently received payments in exchange for supplying data to the criminal organization.  He said that at the time of his arrest, one of the agents had in his possession 271,200 pesos, the last payment he had received.  The three were assigned to the Federal Police contingent assigned to the port of Lazaro Cardenas for the purpose of thwarting the actions of La Familia Michoacana.

 According to sources at the Federal Police, for several weeks the three had given information to the group directed by “El Chamuco,” chief of the Lazaro Cardenas plaza, under the orders of “La Tuta.”  The illicit activities of the three were revealed by “El Chamuco” subsequent to his arrest last week.

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 Milenio – Mexico, D.F. – 09/28/09

 Mexico and Colombia will split $41,000,000 seized from the narcos

 This month, Colombia seized $27,400,000 in the port of Buenavista and Mexico seized $13,150,000 in Manzanillo, as the result of investigations of organized crime, with participation by the U.S.  It is an important seizure, because it is the largest found in containers shipped between Colombia and Mexico.

 Representatives of the three countries involved praised the level of cooperation among the Federal Police and Military corporations, and said they believed that they would continue to have great results in their fight against organized crime.

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 Critica – Hermosillo, Sonora – 09/28/09

 Cleansing continues in the mountains

 Another assassin is detained with an arsenal and police uniforms; 36 now detained.  In the mountainous area of Sonora, the Army seized five firearms and caps and shirts with the insignia of the extinct State Judicial Police (PJE), and arrested one man; which now brings to 36 the number of those detained from the armed group which kidnapped and killed six people, among them the Commander Ramon Ontamucha.  The seizure and arrest took place at “El Saucito” ranch, where the Army found AR-15 and AK-47 rifles, clips, ammunition, cartridge belts, radios, caps and shirts with the PJE logo and a late model Nissan truck.  Saturday night, elements of the Army, along with federal and state police, faced off with the assassins at the ranch, leaving one dead and eleven detained.

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 Cambio de Michoacán – Morelia, Michoacán  09/28/09

 “La Familia” deploys spy cells in Michoacán

 According to Marcos Arturo Juarez Cruz, aka, “El Chamuco”, the group of spies, named the “Falcons”, are spread throughout the state, and have become the principal operational force of “La Familia.”  With the support of this group, seven safe houses and  strategic meeting centers of “La Familia” are located in three different locales in Michoacán.

 According to information published in Excelsior, the Falcons are civilians who are paid from 800 to 1500 pesos for reporting movement of government authorities or the presence of rival organizations, principally the Gulf Cartel.  The “Falcons” are supplied with radios, and work twelve-hour surveillance shifts, during which no drugs or alcohol use is permitted.  “El Chamuco,” a high level leader in “La Familia,” was arrested last Saturday, and claimed that he had 22 to 25 “Falcons” working for him.  “El Chamuco” and another high-ranking member of “La Familia” stated that their operations had been subdued because of a strong repression by federal authorities after the assassination of twelve Federal Police Agents on July 12.

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 The Army destroys a marijuana plantation

 In the municipality of Hidalgo, Michoacán, five thousand square meters of marijuana bushes were located and subsequently destroyed; this amounts to approximately five tons of the drug, which appeared to be of high quality.  The Secretary of Defense informed that the seizure was the result of intelligence work based on an anonymous tip that marijuana was being cultivated in the nearby mountains.   The Army personnel who performed the operation are assigned to Joint Operation Michoacán and are charged with the location and eradication of drug producing farms; which is a hard hit on the cartels which operate in Michoacán.

 On the drug market, a kilogram of marijuana is worth about 1000 pesos, while in the U.S., the same amount sells for $400 (U.S.); thus tripling the value by crossing the border.  No one was taken into custody at the scene, but the case is under investigation.

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 El Financiero – Mexico, D.F. – 09/28/09

 122 are indicted for collaboration with Los Zetas

 It is confirmed that they furnished protection and information for money, taking advantage of their positions in law enforcement, in three different states.  The Attorney General (PGR) reports that the suspects were from municipal and ministerial police departments, the Federal Investigative Agency (FBI) and Hidalgo Security Police; all of whom leaked information to Los Zetas.

 Federal District Court judges in Veracruz and Tabasco issued the indictments against the subjects for organized crime violations.

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