Salvadorans push for U.S. immigration reform

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La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 9/17/09

Salvadoran violence

El Salvador’s National Civil Police reported today that the country’s daily homicide average for this month is currently 13. [El Salvador is some 5/8 the size of Massachusetts]


El Salvador. Com (San Salvador, El Salvador) 9/17/09

Salvadorans to ask change in U.S. immigration laws

A group of Salvadoran leaders in the United States has traveled to El Salvador to request support from members of that nation’s Legislative Assembly [read: Congress] and to have those members accompany them to the United States and speak to U.S. congressmen on September 24 regarding a reform of the immigration laws of the U.S.

More than 100 Salvadoran leaders will meet in Washington with U.S. members of Congress, among them Peter King, Lincoln Diaz Balart and Mario Diaz Balart, to discuss immigration reform. Raul Flores, president of the “Salvadorans in the World” organization, stated that congressmen known for their resistance to immigration reform are willing to listen to the Salvadorans. The meeting of the countrymen will take place in conjunction with the “First Salvadoran American leadership summit” which will take place at the National Headquarters of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU.)

Last week the Salvadoran Chancery confirmed the participation of representatives of the Salvadoran government who will avail themselves of the opportunity to obtain resources that will allow them to make an immigration reform proposal.


El Universo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 9/17/09

Monetary remittances to Ecuador grow

Individual monetary remittances to certain parts of Ecuador by Ecuadorans outside the country increased 21.3% in comparison with those sent during the first quarter of this year. The data are from the Central Bank of Ecuador and show that certain southern portions of the country received 199.2 million dollars.


Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan) 9/17/09

Children used in farm work

Some 40 percent of the population of the state of Michoacan that is classified as comprised of agricultural workers is made up of children under fourteen years of age; though the exact numbers about this sector of the population are unavailable, local officials estimate it to be 130 thousand. The three levels of government are said to be active in motivating the return of these children to the classrooms and to prevent further drop-outs. Though the children are considered vulnerable, their income is basic for their families’ economic support.


Correo (Irapuato, Guanajuato) 9/17/09

Mexican population data

Mexico now has a population of 107.6 million, the third largest in the western hemisphere, after the U.S. and Brazil, and the eleventh in the world. Mexico’s population multiplied itself 7.9 times between 1900 and 2009.

Those under fifteen years of age comprise 28.7 of the total, while the 15 to 29 group reaches 27.2 percent. Adults from 30 to 59 years of age are 35.6 percent of the total. The median age is 26 years.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  9/17/09

Continued violence in Ciudad Juarez

A nineteen paragraph article in this paper today was summed up by its headline: “Violent time in Juarez: 32 homicides in 48 hours.”  The article went on to describe the bloody chain of events, which also included three multiple assassinations and the murder of a federal investigator.


El Sur (Acapulco, Guerrero)  9/17/09

State of Guerrero news

Today, a scan of the state and local news section headlines for Acapulco and its surrounding state of Guerrero shows a total of ten assassinations.


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