Health care urged for illegal aliens

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La Hora (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  9/16/09

Health care urged for illegal aliens

(full transl.) – (quote):

The leaders of MIGUA, the Guatemalan Immigrant Movement in the United States, declare the following in reply to the speech by President Barack Obama about the urgency of reforming the healthcare system and in reply to the controversy which has arisen about this issue.

We are in accord with President Barack Obama that it is time to bring about an exhaustive health reform that may radically transform the healthcare system and the manner in which the system is financed. The creation of a stronger and more productive society is achieved in large measure with the good health of children, adults and elderly persons.

Amado Espana, leader of MIGUA in New Jersey, pointed out that “Unfortunately, President Obama has weakened in the face of organized political forces that are opposed to any change so as to continue profiting from a bankrupt system and who take the opportunity to continue implanting fear and hatred against the immigrant community. This strategy is not only immoral, because health is a human right, but it is also counterproductive, since denying health care to some places everyone at risk during this time of contagious and transmittable diseases.”

The immigrant community, independently of its immigration status, is an integral part of the United States. The Latin community, and especially the undocumented immigrant community, is particularly and negatively affected by the present health care system. Of the approximately 47 million persons without health insurance 16 million are Latin. Immigrants compose 27.1% of those who lack medical insurance and, of these, 59% are undocumented immigrants.

Edgar Ayala, MIGUA spokesman in Oakland, California, stated “Denying medical care to immigrants violates the principles which Senator Kennedy brought up to President Obama in a letter he wrote him before dying [sic] ‘health care is a decisive theme for the future and for prosperity…and it goes beyond material things; what we face is a moral problem?[sic] What’s at stake is not only the details of a policy but a fundamental principle of social justice and the character of our nation’ “

Carlos Gomez, Vice-president of MIGUA in Chicago, Illinois, finished by saying “The immigrants, independently of our immigration status, our families, our children, are an integral part of the fabric of this great nation, and it is for that reason and for the social well being and health of all, that we must be included in the health reform.”

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Nacion (San Jose, Costa Rica)  9/16/09

Cocaine smuggling in Costa Rica

Early this morning (Wed.) a Costa Rican patrol aircraft came upon a “fast boat” near shore on Costa Rica’s central Pacific Ocean coast. The three crewmembers of the 13 meter long launch immediately abandoned it and ran into the mangroves on shore. The load turned out to be 700 kilos (1,540 lbs.) of cocaine. Also aboard: fuel canisters, food supplies and water bottles made in Colombia.

—-  (same paper, 9/14/09)

Illegal alien smuggling in Costa Rica

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Limon, Costa Rica, has requested preventive detention for three Colombians who were detained last weekend while transporting 54 illegal aliens from Eritrea, Somalia and Nepal. The smuggled aliens are charged up to $7,000 dollars to be taken to “North America.” [Note the similarity of two of these nationalities and the M3 Report of 9/8/09; a Salvadoran paper then reported 71 smuggled aliens from Eritrea, Nepal and Bangladesh. These groups appear to be originating from Ecuador]


La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 9/16/09

Police corruption in El Salvador

A “sub-inspector”, four sergeants, a corporal and 15 agents of El Salvador’s National Police have been charged this year due to their complicity with criminal gangs.


El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)  9/16/09

Police corruption in Mexico

Mexico’s equivalent of the U.S. Dep’t. of Justice, the “PGR”, reported the arrest of 124 police officers in Pachuca, state of Hidalgo, for “alleged links with organized crime groups.” Specifically the “Zetas.” Four of the detainees held high ranks at the state level.


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 9/16/09

More police corruption in Mexico

Seven Tijuana police officers were detained and taken to the local office of the “PGR” at that agency’s request. The seven are alleged to be linked with organized crime. Others in the list of detainees could not be located because they are no longer with the city police department.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 9/16/09

Continued bloody mayhem in Juarez

Another ten persons were riddled with sub-machine gun fire and killed last night (Tues.) at yet another drug rehab locale in Juarez. Among the dead were the director and the physician of the facility. Two others were wounded. On Sept. 2nd, 18 persons were assassinated at a different drug rehab locale in Juarez. Yesterday afternoon and evening eight other persons were also murdered in “organized crime style” in Juarez.


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