Cartel operators remain under fire

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El Debate – Culiacan, Sinaloa – 09/09/09

Two reporters arrested for ties to narcos

They presumably worked as informants for Los Zetas and received 60,000 pesos monthly.  The reporters were from the Tabasco state daily newspaper “Presente” and one of them claimed to have shared his money with other reporters.  According to the authorities, the two were identified by a high-ranking member of Los Zetas.  The two were correspondents in an area near the Guatemalan border.  Authorities have not divulged how many more reporters might have been paid off, but that more arrests were pending.  One of those detained stated that he was contacted by one of Los Zetas and offered money to not publish information against them.  He was also asked for information he might garner from the police.  No statement was available from the offices of the “Presente” newspaper.

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 El Financiero – Mexico, D.F. – 09/09/09

 Mexico extradites presumed arms trafficker to U.S.

Dallas:  The office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) received U.S. citizen Sotero Sotelo, extradited by Mexican authorities after having fled the U.S. upon being accused of selling arms to the Gulf Cartel.  Sotelo, 37 years of age, was turned over to U.S. authorities on the Brownsville-Matamoros International Bridge.  Sotelo was a resident of Brownsville and owner of a”La Cueva” grocery store, from where he allegedly sold arms to the Mexican drug traffickers.

 Upon his arrest last year, authorities seized six automatic weapons, a bulletproof vest, a helmet, $3,000 cash and a kilogram of cocaine.  

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El Diario de Coahuila – Torreon, Coahuila – 09/09/09

 Protection network of the Beltran Leyva Cartel falls.  They planned assassinations and supported drug trafficking.

 The Federal Police announced the arrest of six members of “La Banda del Niño”; among them the chief of the protection network of the Brltran Leyva Drug Cartel branch in Mexico City.  They planned the assassinations of federal police, supported drug-trafficking and participated in kidnappings such as that of Fernando Marti, son of the impresario Alejandro Marti.

 Among those arrested were three Mexico City police officers, another who posed as a federal investigator, and another who is a Colombian.

 All confessed to providing security for organized crime members for drug trafficking.   The feds informed that the six were arrested in two vehicles with large caliber firearms.  One of them had an AK-47, an arm not authorized for use by any police agency.

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 El Universal – Mexico, D.F. – 09/09/09

 Chief of Cancun Gulf Cartel plaza is arrested

Jose Jalil Abraham Santiago, “El Negro”, was an agent of the extinct Federal Judicial Police from 1993 to 1997, and was removed for abuse of authority.   

Santiago was arraigned today.  Since the 8th of August he had functioned as the chief of the Gulf Cartel branch in Cancun.  He had worked as a pilot and then joined the organization as an assassin in the states of Zacatecas, Colima and Quintana Roo.

 Army personnel also arrested two narco-retailers recently recruited and trained by the Gulf Cartel.  In their possession were cocaine, bulletproof vests and ten black tee shirts inscribed with a shield alluding to Los Zetas.  The shield, divided in three parts, contains the silhouette of the state of Tamaulipas, a “Z” and an outline of the Republic of Mexico.

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 Diario de Juarez – Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua – 09/09/09

 Z-44, one of the founders of “Los Zetas” is arrested

The Department of Justice (PGR) and Secretary of Defense (Sedena) presented Sergio Ruiz Tlapanco, Z-44 or El Tlapa, one of the founding members of Los Zetas, the armed branch of the Gulf Cartel, arrested on September 08 by Army personnel in Puebla.

 Ruiz Tlapanco is known as the principal source of violence in Tabasco.  He was an agent in the extinct Federal Judicial Police between 1997 and 1999.  He currently was serving as the man in charge of the Gulf Cartel in Tabasco, Campeche, northern Chiapas and southern Veracruz.  He had also infiltrated a criminal cell in Guatemala.  Ruis Tlapanco also has outstanding warrants for arrest issued in Jalisco and Nayarit for organized crime and drug-trafficking offenses.

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 Frontera – Tijuana, B.C. – 09/09/09

 Taxes raised and three secretariats eliminated

President Calderon announced a structural reformation of the federal government, including the elimination of three secretariats and the reduction of official spending.

 Additionally, in the budget for next year contains a proposal for a 2 % consumption tax-includes food and medicines- to fight poverty, and another of 4% on telecommunications; as well as an increase from 28% to 30% on rent and an increase in the tax on tobacco, beer and lottery winnings.

 To transform Mexico and face the “gravity of the circumstances,” Calderon presented four plans of action:

  First, the disappearance of the Secretariats of Tourism, Agrarian Reform and Public Function; these to be absorbed into other departments.

 Second, reduction of high commands and the freezing of wages.

 Third, reduction of the funding of embassies and federal delegations in the states.

 Fourth, reduce the travel allowance and operating expenses of government offices.

 The proposals met with mixed reviews.

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