Update on the 71 smuggled illegal aliens

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El Universo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 9/8/09

Follow-up re 71 illegal aliens smuggled by boat

The fishing boat “Abismo” that sailed from Ecuador, and was later intercepted off El Salvador, (M3 Report of yesterday) did so illegally and with neither a “chip” nor permission to clear the port, according to Patricio Mora, a naval officer and port director at Manta, Ecuador, the boat’s departure point. Out of the 71 passengers aboard, 25 were from Bangladesh, 25 from Nepal and 21 from Eritrea; all 71 aimed to reach the United States. The five Ecuadoran crewmen are being processed for deportation from El Salvador.


El Universal (Mexico City) 9/8/09

Continuous violence and homicides

A U.S. soldier stationed at Ft. Bliss (El Paso), Texas and three  Mexican men were all shot to death at a motel and bar in Ciudad Juarez. All were presumably involved with organized crime. There were another ten homicides in Juarez plus others elsewhere in the state of Chihuahua, where a total of nineteen men were executed in 24 hours. [However, “La Prensa” (Mexico City) today published a report stating that the one man cited above, one Eduardo Guillen, was not a U.S. Army soldier as was first believed but that he had been one and had left the Army six years ago; also, that he was an El Paso resident and worked for the postal service.]

Six persons died in Durango due to crimes related to organized crime, seven others in Baja California. In Curapeo, in the state of Guanajuato, a homicide victim was found who “had his organs extracted.”


Deported gang members worsen insecurity

An average of seven thousand members of violent gangs such as Los Mexicles, Artistas Asesinos and Los Aztecas are deported each year by the U.S. government across the border to Juarez, worsening public insecurity. The Mayor of Juarez says that 10% of murder victims in that area are deportees who have served a prison sentence in U.S. jails, mostly for crimes against persons or involving drugs. Due to the problem generated by these thousands of criminal deportees annually through Juarez, he has asked Mexico’s federal government to have them deported using other areas or taken to Mexico City’s airport, since 95% of them are from other states. He added that a grave problem for the city would arise if the government of the State of California goes through with its announcement about deporting through Juarez around 20 thousand criminals presently in its jails. During the last ten years the United States has deported around 100 thousand criminals through Ciudad Juarez.


Norte (Ciudad Juarez) 9/8/09

Juarez homicides

Eighty-one homicides have now been reported in the Juarez area during the first seven days of this month.


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