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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

El Diario de Juarez – Cd. Juarez, Chih. – 08/27/09

 Cuban newspaper praises the work of Ted Kennedy – Castro eulogizes late U.S. Senator

La Habana, Cuba- The Cuban daily Granma, the mouthpiece for the the governing Communist Party, pronounced today that the deceased Democrat Senator Edward Kennedy supported until his last breath, “the goal of his family:  clean up the dirty politics of the U.S.

 The newspaper recalls that last April Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, recognized that the Kennedy family, especially the assassinated president John F. Kennedy, represented a “new generation of North Americans who confronted the old and dirty politics of men of the (Richard) Nixon type.”  It added that “a mature analysis of a clan which initiated an unsuccessful invasion of Cuba, an eventual nuclear attack and several attempts at his (Castro’s) assassination, was not easy for him.

 Granma emphasized that “the last important battle” of the late Senator “was to bring Medicare to the almost 50 million North Americans who can’t enjoy it”; as well as his contribution to the election triumph of the current President of the U.S., Barack Obama.

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 El Financiero – Mexico, D.F. – 08/27/09

 Mexican Narcotrafficker sentenced in Texas

Sergio Maldonado, presumed leader of the Gulf Cartel in north Texas is sentenced to nine years in prison.  A Federal Judge in Dallas ordered the seizure of 1.2 million dollars in earnings from the sale of drugs.  Maldonado pleaded guilty to possession and conspiracy to sell drugs.  According to authorities, Maldonado, 34 years of age, coordinated the shipment of marijuana from Mexico through the border at Laredo, Texas and the transport to Dallas.

 Maldonado was arrested in August 2007 at Laredo, Texas as part of Operation Puma, an investigation aimed at dismantling a cell for the distribution of drugs and money laundering for the Mexican gang.

 During the investigation, Operation Puma was responsible for the arrest of 32 persons and seized 206 tons of cocaine, 15.9 tons of marijuana and 5.5 million dollars in cash.

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 Frontera – Tijuana, B.C. – 08/27/09

 Little by little they’re stealing the border fence

For the second time this week, subjects were caught red-handed by the Municipal Police removing sheets of metal from the border fence.  Those arrested to date had removed 36 sheets.

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 El Universal – Mexico, D.F. – 08/27/09

 Sendero Luminoso at war with Peruvian Army

Lima, Peru:  At least two soldiers and four rebels died Wednesday, August 26, in a pursuit of a Sendero Luminoso leader in an Andean zone of Peru, the epicenter of a battle between the Peruvian Security Forces and the guerrillas who act in allegiance with the drug traffickers, the Minister of Defense, Rafael Rey, said.

 The confrontation occurred in the Valle de los Rios Apurimac and Ene (VRAE) region, a sylvan area in the south central part of the country where the guerrillas have been concentrated for years.  The encounter took place during the pursuit of the terrorist “Raul” and his people of the Sendero Luminoso.

 The rebels located in the VRAE are commanded by the Quispe-Palomino brothers, Jorge and Victor, and their friend Alipio.  Besides confirming the deaths of two Army sergeants, Rey said at least four terrorists were killed.  The confrontations are evidently a consequence of an unpopular military strategy which has produced and will continue to produce results.

 The Military began an offensive in the VRAE in August 2008 in order to contain a sprouting up of violence in the zone, which has left a total of 38 dead soldiers.   

Peru faced for two decades a bloody battle against the Sendero Luminoso guerrillas in which 69,000 people disappeared or were killed, according to official statistics.   During its apogee the Sendero Luminoso pushed a Maoist ideology and sought to establish a communist state in Peru.

After the capture of their leader, Abimael Guzman, in 1992, the group has converted to an ally of the narcotraffickers, providing arms, ammunition and food to the world’s second largest cocaine producer.

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Diario de Xalapa – Xalapa, Vera Cruz – 08/27/09

 Drug dealing in Guatemala increases the number of addicts

Guatemala:  The drug cartels in Guatemala pay the traffickers and hit men with cocaine.  This has caused a marked increase in the use of drugs and the number of addicts in a country already overwhelmed with poverty and criminal gangs.

 Dozens of rehabilitation centers have sprung up in Guatemala City during the last years; they lodge the adolescents hooked on cocaine and other illicit drugs which are peddled on the streets with virtual impunity.  One of these centers opened with about twenty resident patients and now has expanded to lodge 250 patients.

 Powerful Mexican drug cartels have deeply penetrated Guatemalan territory fleeing from an Army which pursues them and has forced them to seek new routes for the trafficking of drugs between South America and the U.S.  The DEA calculates that three-quarters of the cocaine from South America passes through Central America.

 Guatemalan authorities say that the cartels are paying the traffickers with drugs, which are harder to trace than cash.  The consumption of drugs has increased as a result of the payment mechanism.  Ten years ago the cartels paid 75% cash and 25% drugs.  Now almost 100% is paid in drugs, the Interior Minister said.

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 Colombian Police and DEA seize four tons of cocaine

Bogota:  More than four tons of cocaine were seized and five Colombians, three Panamanians and one from Ghana were taken into custody yesterday in a joint operation involving the DEA and the Colombian Police.

 The vessel, under Panamanian flag, left Guaranao, Venezuela and was en route to Honduras.  Shortly after weighing anchor, the vessel was put under surveillance and was intercepted in international waters some sixty miles off the Guajira area of Colombia.  The vessel was escorted to a port in Panama by the U.S. Navy for further search and investigation.

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 Diario de Yucatan – Merida, Yucatan – 08/27/09

 Threats of terrorist attacks in Guanajuato on national holidays

Guanajuato:  The Director of Public Security in Guanajuato, Enrique Ramirez, reported the discovery of a message on the windshield of a vehicle threatening attacks during the celebration of national holidays (Sept. 15 and 16) similar to the ones which took place last September 15 in Morelia, Michoacan.  The note was signed by “Los Zetas,” the armed thugs of the Gulf Cartel, and alerted the Guanajuato State Public Security Forces.  The note also contained threats to the University of Guanajuato and the State Police. “Los Zetas’ ” message was signed “Sincerely:  Los Zetas Z-21, hired group of assassins “Escorpion”, Tamaulipas Tco(sic).

 Ramirez said that in addition to the extra police usually assigned to duty for holiday celebrations, forces from the State Ministerial Police would assist with screening the entrance and exit of vehicles to and from the city.

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