Mexican state senator assassinated

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Saturday 8/22/09

 El Universal (Mexico City) 9/21/09

 Guerrero state senator assassinated

State Senator Armando Chavarria Barrera, leader of the Congress of the state of Guerrero, was assassinated by gunfire in front of his home yesterday morning.  The Senator was one of the most renowned and respected politicians in the left-wing PRD party and considered a natural candidate for governor in the 2011 elections.  The two hit-men and a driver who escaped in an SUV are yet unknown nor is the motive for the assassination, although the PRD immediately condemned it as political.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon extended his condolences to the family and promised full support of the Federal Justice Department (PRG) in the investigation.


 El Financiero (Mexico City) 8/21/09

 Colombia destroys explosives

Bogota, Colombia – Colombian authorities discovered and destroyed more than a half ton of explosives belonging to the rebel guerrilla group, National Liberation Army (ELN) in the department [state] of Casanare.  Security forces and Army units also found 600 detonators and 640 meters of detonator cord in the town of Tamara.  The explosive material found was Anfo [a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil] in 12 packages totaling about 550 kilos.  Troops also destroyed a grenade shop and two “launching ramps for ball bombs”.


 Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 8/21/09

 Gunfights continue in the south

As reported yesterday, narco unrest continues in the southern states of Mexico.  A battle between the police of Huimanguillo, Tabasco, and armed thugs broke out on the bridge that separates the states of Chiapas and Tabasco.  Preliminary reports are that two police were killed.  The present violence is believed related to the killing of a narcotrafficker by Los Zetas.


 Sunday 8/23/09

 El Universal (Mexico City) 8/22/09

 No motive clarified in assassination

In the aftermath of the assassination of Guerrero state Senator Armando Chavarria, reported yesterday, his PRD party leaders disagree on the motive behind the murder.  The Chief of Government of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard, is certain the crime was political, while the Governor of Guerrero, Zeferino Torreblanca Gallindo, rejects speculation of political reasons.  He said it is yet too early to begin asserting such motives.


In the trenches of the narco war

The men who form the front lines in the narco war are not only the military but also those of the criminal organizations.  They have become the expendable contingents that have already cost the lives of 4,000 in the country so far in 2009.  The real face of the war that the military and the cartels are waging has one main characteristic: youths who average 20 years of age.  The only thing that marks the difference between the soldiers and the cartel mercenaries is the armament they carry.  In a tour El Universal made with military forces through the battle areas of Michoacan, their first impression was not the arms and equipment of the troops, but the age of the soldiers who several months ago were minors and are now on the front lines.  Federal operations have also revealed through arrests of the cartels’ warriors that they also average 20 years of age. 


Return of the Sendero Luminoso

There are indications in Peru that the guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso, thought to have disbanded in 2000, is reemerging with characteristics similar to the Colombian rebel organization FARC.  A coordinated attack on a national police installation in southern Peru by 60 heavily armed men this past August 1st  had the earmarks of a Sendero Luminoso operation, according to Peruvian intelligence.  The new organization not only has the violent characteristics of the old one, but also has geopolitical implications of armed narcotrafficking to support it financially, similar to the operations of the Colombian FARC.


 El Diario de Juarez (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 8/22/09

 Some Venezuelans unhappy with new law

Caracas, Venezuela – Anti-riot police using tear gas, fire hoses and rubber bullets dispersed demonstrators protesting a new education law.  The opposition sees the law as the government’s attempt to indoctrinate children with the ideals of socialism.  A number of people, including police were injured.  One of the demonstrators, an 83-year-old said, “I don’t wish my grandchildren to grow up in a country where they beat up journalists for warning of the dangers of a law.”  Photo relates.



 La Jornada (Mexico City) 8/22/09

 Chief of Police arrested

Mexican federal agents and military took control of the Police Department in Huimanguilo, Tabasco, and arrested the city’s Director of Public Security, 10 agents and the chief’s brother. [This is the same department that lost two officers, reported yesterday.]


 Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 8/22/09

 Narco-stooges lose

Three presumed narcotraffickers who tried to shoot it out with federal police in the town of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, were captured by the agents without further incident.  An anonymous tip sent the agents to the area where they surprised the three, who initially responded with gunfire until taking a second look at their situation and gave up.  The agents also liberated a “brick” of cocaine weighing about 1.5 lbs from the trio and the .45 semi-automatic pistol with which they had challenged the feds.


 El Financiero (Mexico City) 8/22/09

 Zelaya to sign agreement

Deposed President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya today expressed his intention to travel to the Nicaraguan capital, Tegucigalpa, tomorrow to sign the San Jose Agreement in order to put an end to the political crisis that brought about his overthrow last June.  Speaking from Managua, Zelaya said that he would sign the agreement proposed by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias for restitution of power.  “They have made me lose 56 days of my government and must repay that terrible coup,” he said.


 Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan) 8/22/09

 More police executions in Michoacan

The bodies of two more police officers in the state of Michoacan have been found blindfolded and murdered by shots to the head near the town of Sahuayo.  The two, 45 and 46 years old, were abducted at the end of their shift last Tuesday by an armed gang.  Next to the bodies was a “narco-message” that was not released by the authorities.  The photo relates.



 Monday 8/24/09

 El Financiero (Mexico City) 8/23/09

 Repatriation program

Mexican and US authorities will repatriate undocumented Mexicans in custody in Arizona, according to Mexico’s Office of Foreign Relations (SRE).  The 2009 Voluntary Program of Repatriation to the Interior takes place during the period from August 21 to September 28 with two flights daily.  The object of the plan is to guarantee the participants’ integration back into their homeland and to combat alien smuggling.  From the time the plan first began in 2004, there have been 82,341 people repatriated.  The annual program is scheduled during the hottest season in the Arizona desert.  The Mexican states of origin contributing the largest numbers of repatriates are Puebla, the state of Mexico, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacan.  The prisoners are first flown to Mexico City and from there, sent by bus to their places of origin without cost to them.


 El Universal (Mexico City) 8/23/09

 Ambush in Juarez

Armed men ambushed a Mexican Army patrol in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, this morning, killing one soldier and wounding two others.  This is the second deadly attack against soldiers in the past two days.


 Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 8/23/09

 Another seizure in Chiapas

Mexican federal agents in the town of Tapachula, Chiapas, delivered another blow to the local narco business with the seizure of several kilos of cocaine.  A citizen’s report led to the warrant to carry out the successful search.


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