Mexico ranked 16th most violent in the world

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Mexico ranked 16th most violent country in the world

Critica (Hermosillo, Sonora)  8/18/09

Mexico’s “CIDAC” (Center of Research for Development, an “NGO”) has published a 16 page Spanish language document which states that Chihuahua, Baja California and the state of Mexico head the list with the most homicides, vehicle thefts and executions in Mexico; it adds that, on a world scale, Mexico ranks 16th with the highest index of violence and crime among 115 nations. The study sets out that the nation’s gravest problems are “the non-existence of an integral vision that might emphasize prevention; the lack of professionalism of police and of agents charged with carrying out justice; a penal system without transparency re discretion and corruption as well as an extremely high impunity rate which reaches 98.3% (the probability that a person who breaks the law may have to face a judge is 1.7%)”

The entire report [ we have not translated it; it’s in the Spanish language ] from CIDAC is attached. Page 7 of the report lists the 16 most violent countries of the world. Ten of these are in Latin America or the Caribbean. The report was also found on the front page at


A Guatemalan’s opinion re migration to the United States

Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  8/18/09

[Last two paragraphs of an op/col. by Carlos Zuniga titled “Brother migrants”; the column is addressed to those who have already migrated ]

In spite of the hard work of those who have migrated in search of the famous “American dream”, and those of us who are working hard in our countries, poverty continues to be our Achilles heel. This brings with it other consequences such as physical and judicial insecurity, which worsen the conditions to attract investment and generate employment. Because of this, the vicious cycle of having to emigrate continues, despite the most valued (financial) support that our brothers send us. The only and definitive solution to this circle of social deterioration is to generate the “American dream” in our countries.

You will forgive me, but there’s still a job to do. I’m talking about seeking Latin American unity in the United States. At the national level, and not just with issues about the rights of migrants, but to support the enormous political weight that our community ought to have in American public politics at the local, state and federal  level. Much smaller but well organized and focused communities such as the Jewish, the Afro American, and the one of our Cuban brothers in exile, have an enormous capacity for influence in the internal and external policies of Washington. That Latin political power has to be made felt to Democrats and Republicans alike. The politicians of the Congress, the Senate, the White House and at the local level must all be made to know that they can lose elections without the non-ideological, organized vote of more than 10 percent of its population. And in this way to demand that Washington’s foreign policy be focused precisely in really creating that “American dream” in our countries, and not to be squandering money on the other side of the world. Only in this way will we be able to reach in our homes that dream which you are achieving, and to keep our families from disintegrating because they can’t find it in their communities.


Tons of cocaine seized in Ecuador

La Hora (Quito, Ecuador)  8/18/09

Ecuadoran police seized six tons, 59 ½ kilos of cocaine at a country estate near San Lorenzo, on Ecuador’s northernmost coast. The drug had come from Colombia and the packages were marked with various signs and names to indicate a particular gang’s ownership. There were two arrests. A child was also found on the premises.


The following three items all illustrate widespread violence in Mexico

El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)  8/18/09

In a suburb of Monterrey, a four hour armed confrontation between Mexican military and Gulf Cartel members ended with four Cartel thugs dead, four others arrested and five soldiers wounded.

El Universal (Mexico City)  8/18/09

After updating to thirty-three the number of the latest homicides wave in the area of Ciudad Juarez and in the state of Chihuahua, the article goes on to give brief accounts relating to twenty other homicides in various other parts of Mexico

Novedades de Quintana Roo ( 8/18/09

The tortured bodies of three homicide victims were found inside an SUV left in a residential area of Cancun. And yesterday (Mon.), the bodies of four persons were found in Cozumel on the island of the same name. The four were left inside a vehicle at an apartment’s parking area. All four showed signs of torture.


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