Heads of state meeting in Mexico dominates news

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Immigration reform in the news

[The meeting of Pres. Calderon with Pres. Obama & Prime Minister Harper of Canada in Guadalajara, Mexico, practically dominated the news from one end of Mexico to the other and also in the majority of Central American papers. Since the event is also being thoroughly covered by U.S. media, we offer only this single related report, also seen in many papers south of the border.]

Critica (Hermosillo, Sonora)  8/10/09

In Guadalajara, apparently quoting what Pres. Obama said to Pres. Calderon, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S., Arturo Sarukhan, stated in a press conference that conditions are not right at this time for the U.S. Congress to deal with the immigration issue and that some other matters, such as health and energy security, come first in its agenda. He added that Obama opined that integral immigration reform could come up in Congress between November of ’09 and March of 2010.


U.S. immigration policies trigger Salvadorans’ opposite views

La Prensa Grafica  (San Salvador, El Salvador) 8/8/09

[An article reporting there has been no change since the new administration took over in tough U.S. interior enforcement policy against illegal immigration but that it has only changed tactics elicited these views from two readers]:

1) In my long years of life I’ve known disrespectful human beings, but not like the majority of gringos (note: this is a somewhat pejorative term used to describe Anglo Americans) who talk and talk and do not make good on anything they talk about, and they see the rest of human beings as inferior to dogs, because in that country dogs have more rights than humans, and their policy is to obligate third world countries to go kill themselves against other countries for the purpose of achieving their whims; it’d be a good thing if the countries of the world would get together to isolate this heartless country, the son of the devil himself, and I say this because their acts against humanity are satanic, contrary to what God says to love one another, they are slavers and exploiters. [Signed by “Oscar”]

2) Decent persons such as Igmar (sic) Guandique? (ed. note: the Salvadoran illegal alien accused of murdering Chandra Levy in Washington D.C. years ago) In the last few years all that rotten Mara bunch were imported from El Salvador and now they live and operate in the United States. If we abandoned El Salvador it was because we didn’t want to be neighbors with such demonic degenerates, now they ought to be deported, it’s a shame their offspring were born here, but there is no alternative. It’s only a matter of knowing the areas where they hang around, Falls Church (VA), Woodbridge (VA), Manassas (VA), Langley Park (MD), Wash. D.C., L.A., etc., etc. All the neighborhoods where they live look like any other around El Salvador, dirty, dangerous, the people don’t walk outside after six p.m., the same as in El Salvador. To the devil with all the criminals and I hope there’s a migratory reform for the people who really are dedicated to work BUT that it may not include criminals. [Signed by “Diego del Cid”]


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