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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

El Dario – Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua – 08/06/09

 Mexico turns over a presumed ETA member to Spain

A presumed member of the outlaw armed Basque group ETA

(Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) was deported from Mexico and sent to Spain, where he was detained at the Barajas airport in Madrid, accused of killing five policemen and the pregnant wife of one of the officers.

 A police report indicated that Juan Manuel Inciarte Gallardo, fifty-five years of age, arrived in a regular flight from Mexico, from where he was expelled based on a request for his extradition by the Spanish authorities for being illegally in Mexico.

 Inciarte is accused of the aforementioned killings as a member of the Comando Vizcaya of ETA, as well as terrorist attacks against police and Cicil Guard posts in Bilbao and Vizcaya.

 ETA members killed more than 825 persons since 1968, attempting to gain independence for a Basque country which would include four provinces of northern Spain and three from southwest France.  Inciarte had been sought by the Spanish justice system since 1991.

 ETA was charged with the dynamite attacks last week in Burgos and Mallorca, in which two civil guard agents were killed and sixty other persons were wounded.


Excelsior – Mexico, D.F. – 08/06/09

 Mexican with twenty grenades stopped at border

The Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) reported that Mexican Army personnel detained a 21 year-old Reynosa, Tamaulipas native with 20 grenades in his vehicle as he was en-route to the Reynosa-Pharr port of entry, intending to enter the U.S.

 The man arrested, Roberto Gaspar Caballero, and his Chevrolet Suburban were turned over to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation and processing.


El Universal – Mexico, D.F. – 08/06/09

 Cd. Juarez:  Nine bodies in two vehicles

In the last 24 hours there were eighteen executions in the State of Chihuahua; fifteen of them in Cd. Juarez.

 In a lapse of seven hours, Juarez police found two vehicles containing nine men who were apparently killed by organized crime members. 

 At 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, police located a pickup truck containing four bodies with numerous bullet wounds.

 On one of the most traveled streets in Juarez, police found a vehicle with five executed men; the head of the one who was decapitated was found in the trunk of the vehicle.  According to the police report, “the bodies showed signs of cruel torture and have not been identified.”

 Also in Cd. Juarez, two men were riddled with fifty rounds from an AK-47.

 Seven more executions were noted during the same time frame in Tijuana and Durango.


El Debate – Culiacan, Sinaloa – 08/06/09

 Ninety-four murders were committed during July – Among the victims are six women and a young girl

Culiacan: With the 94 homicides reported in Sinaloa in July, the total for 2009 is 569.

 Most of the deaths were by gunfire, with most incidents in Culiacan.  The above is in spite of efforts of the Army and local police.

 “An eye for an eye justice” continues to be secured by reprisal from the victims or their survivors.  In July the messages left with the corpses indicate that they were either auto-thieves or other purloiners. 

 The first four homicides took place on July 11 in Navolato, and included three minors.

 The last was on July 30.  The decapitated corpse and his severed hands were left a few yards away from a police station with a note saying, “For being a thief and saying untrue things, I’m not going to steal anymore; see what happened to me, folks.”

 July also saw the murder of two municipal police, a ministerial commander and a traffic cop.

 Shootout:  Four days before the end of the month the trademark of organized crime appeared, with a shootout among known hired assassins leaving four dead.


El Diario – Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua – 08/09/09

 Reyes Baeza, Governor of Chihuahua, asks to armor-plate the border with New Mexico

Reyes Baeza asked his counterpart in the state of New Mexico for collaboration in “armor-plating” the border against the crossing of firearms. 

 The Governor said the Mexicans are against the selling of numerous military-type firearms to just any person, as they are often taken illegally into Mexico.

 He also asked that persons who commit crimes in Chihuahua and flee to New Mexico be deported and turned over to Mexican authorities.


 El Diario de Coahuila – Saltillo, Coahuila – 08/06/09

 Chavez will buy more Russian tanks

The Venezuelan president announced the purchase of several battalions of Russian tanks to reinforce the military strength of his country.  The statement was made in connection with the accord being negotiated between Colombia and the U.S. which would allow U.S, troops to utilize at least seven Colombian military bases.  Chavez will be visiting Russia in the middle of September. 

 Chavez considers the presence of U.S. troops in Colombia as a “hostile act” and a “true threat,” which could cause a “war in South America.”

 Chavez lashed out strongly at Colombian President Alvaro Uribe over his agreement on the bases and said that Uribe had become a “marionette” of the U.S.

 He blustered on using vulgar language about Uribe’s complaint about the Swedish rocket-launchers which Venezuela supplied to the (FARC) Colombian Armed Revolutionary Force.

 Chavez expressed “frustration” with the U.S. Government for the treaty it is negotiating with Colombia.  Referring to the brief encounters he had with Obama in Trinidad and Tobago at the Fifth Summit of the Americas, Chavez said that, “Obama was disappearing and fading.”  He said that Obama should read the books he gave him and that would get him thinking right.

 During the past four years the Chavez Government has made a series of important purchases from Russia for more than four billion dollars, including fighter planes, helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles.

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