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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

El Mañana – Mexico – 07/22/09

 The troops “disappear” from the streets of Morelia
(In the City no continuous military patrols were observed, nor checkpoints installed at the highway exits and entrances)Morelia:  After the exhibition of force by the Army the day before, in which the troops made runs in convoys of up to ten vehicles, and five helicopters flew over Morelia at low altitudes, yesterday practically no military presence was recorded.  In the City the continuous military patrols were not observed nor were seen the checkpoints at the exits and entrances to the highways.


Monday, one thousand troops from Mexico City arrived at Military Zone 21 with Headquarters in this Capital and were deployed in convoys throughout the city while at the same time five helicopters made flights over the downtown and the outskirts.

Federal sources said that at least half of the troops who arrived were transferred to Apatzingtan, where they will support the actions which will be taken in that city and other localities in the region.

According to the Army the resources will be deployed at about 100 bases in regions of the State  with the worst problems involving narcotrafficking.

The presence of the military and the federal agents was strengthened after the 17 attacks with grenades and assault rifles perpetrated against the Federal Police in various parts of the state, killing 15 agents.


Diario – Tamaulipas – 07/22/09

 Formal prison to a soldier for his links to Beltran Leyva
(The Department of Justice (PGR) informed that he is accused of organized crime and drug violations)

The judge of the Tamaulipas District Court ordered formal prison for Mateo Juarez Velasques, retired Mexican Army First Captain, for his presumed ties with the Beltran Leyva criminal organization.

The Justice Department (PGR) informed that the man is accused of organized crime, drug offenses and conspiracy.  The charges are also related to the sale of arms, property of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), to the Beltran Leyva organization, as well as enabling active and retired Armed Forces personnel to act as hired assassins and bodyguards.


The Captain is imprisoned at the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation (Cefereso) in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where the penal process will begin.  The formal emprisonment resulted from evidence provided by a Federal Agency specializing in organized crime.

 Frontera – Culiacan, Sinaloa – 07/22/09

Soldiers seize night vision binoculars in Sinaloa
(In several operations, members of the Fourth Naval Region seized six firearms, 300 live cartridges, police tactical equipment and night vision binoculars)

Members of the armada on various patrols in Badiraguato and Mocorito discovered arms such as AK/47, AR/15, .22 caliber, 12 gauge shotgun and corresponding ammunition.

The seized contraband was turned over to the Justice Department (PGR) for the corresponding investigation.

 Debate – Mexico City – 07/22/09

Four involved in death of Federal Agents in Michoacán are caught.(One of the detainees is identified as Jose Alberto Lopez Barron, alias El Gordo)
Yesterday in Michoacán,  the Federal Police detained four presumed members of “La Familia” involved in the murder of twelve agents on July 12.


This relates to Jose Alberto Lopez Barron, alias El Gordo, who is part of the criminal gang of Servando Gomez Martinez, “La Tuta”, operational leader of “La Familia”; along with three other men.

At a press conference at the Headquarters of the Federal Police in Iztalapa, supervisors identified Lopez Barron.  The section chief stated that El Gordo received direct orders from “La Tuta”, with a base of operations in Arteaga, in addition to being responsible for the distribution of marijuana in the area of Las Cañas, Tumbiscatio and La Mira.

He emphasized that upon arrest, a 9mm pistol belonging to one of the murdered federal agents was seized from El Gordo.  El Gordo maintains that “La Tuta” in the man in charge of cocaine trafficking in the Arteaga area, but that the situation of the organization is critical because of the aggressive actions taken by the federal government.

The other three detainees were captured while traveling in a taxi and, according to the investigation, presumably participated in the ambush of the federal agents on July 12.

These arrests are part of the efforts of intelligence and operational deployment of troops and agents in the “Joint Operation Michoacán.”

 Milenio  – Mexico, D.F. – 07/22/09

 Two and one half tons of marijuana seized at warehouse in Chihuahua
(Federal Agents were successful in seizing 89 packages of the drug hidden inside a warehouse)

Mexico City – The Secretary of Federal Public Security reports that Federal Agents seized close to two and a half tons of marijuana located in a warehouse in Cd. Juárez.

The agency said that the seizure took place as the Federal Police performed “Joint Operation Chihuahua” in the area of the Panamerican Highway in Cd. Juárez, when they detected the building with the business name “Sistemas de Servicios y Logistica.” While performing an inspection of the interior of the warehouse they detected 89 packages of marijuana with an approximate weight of two and one half tons.  They also found industrial scales, a hydraulic press, molds, a gas cylinder as well as a trailer with Texas plates.  Also seized were a trailer with Tennessee plates and a forklift.

The drug and all the seized articles were turned over to the Agent of the Federal Ministry to continue with the corresponding investigation.

 Milenio – Miami, Florida – 07/22/09

 Cocaine valued a 55 million dollars intercepted near Venezuela
(U.S. Coast Guard working off of British frigate)

The U.S. informed today that they intercepted a shipment of cocaine valued at 55 million dollars along the coast of Venezuela.

The seizure of 36 bales of the drug took place on July 16 and was a joint operation with a Coast Guard crew aboard a British frigate, “Iron Duke.”

The officers saw four men throwing the bales aboard a speedboat about 40 kilometers west of Curazao, north of Falcon state in Venezuela.  They arrested the men, whose nationality was not disclosed, and seized the 36 bales of cocaine.


El Porvenir – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – 07/22/09

 Zelaya does not return to power in Honduras:  Micheletti
(The return to power of the deposed Manuel Zelaya is “discarded”)

Tegucigalpa – An official spokesman said that the delegation of deposed Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, and the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti will hold a new round of dialogue with mediation by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the de facto government, Carlos Lopez Contreras said that both delegations will meet Wednesday afternoon in the Costa Rican Capital, but reiterated that the return to power of the deposed Zelaya is “discarded.”

The meeting will take place during the 72 hour period which President Arias asked for from the international community to attempt to resolve the crisis.  The 72 hours expire Wednesday.

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