Arrest order out for fugitive Mexican congressman

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Cambio de Michoacán (Morelia, Michoacán) & others as cited 7/14/09

Twelve cadavers were found piled up on one another and abandoned near the town of La Huacana, Michoacán. Two of the dead had C41 fragmentation grenades tied to their hands. The bodies, in a heap, all showed signs of torture prior to having been given fatal coup de grace shots. Violence has worsened in the last few days in the area and has caused 32 deaths due to the war between drug cartels and federal forces. A later item in “El Financiero” (Mexico City) reported that the twelve were members of the “PFP” (federal “preventive police”) who were apparently caught while off duty. The same item added that the newest head of “La Familia”, Servando Gomez, aka “La Tota” has now been arrested. Gomez had taken over after the arrest of Arnoldo Rueda, aka “La Minsa.” Twenty executed persons have now been found within the last ten days in Michoacán just on the highway leading from Uruapan to the coastal city of Lazaro Cardenas. (The attached photo relates to the twelve.)

Dozen piled on road

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El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco)  7/14/09

The “technical secretary” of Mexico’s National Security Council said that Julio Cesar Godoy Toscano, a Mexican congressman of the “PRD” party from Michoacán, is now the subject of an arrest order and is considered a fugitive. Godoy, who is also a half brother to the governor of the state, has been shown to have definite operational links with the “La Familia” criminal group. Additionally, Saul Solis is now also a fugitive for the same reason. He is also from Michoacán and was an unsuccessful candidate for Mexico’s congress in the recent elections.

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El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia) 7/14/09

Colombian police found and seized a dump truck loaded with explosives which, if detonated, would have caused extensive damage within a 500 meter radius. According to police, the planned terrorist attack was to take place in the area of Cali (one of Colombia’s largest cities.) The explosives included ten sacks of “anfo” (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil- a “fertilizer bomb”) 3 sacks of aluminum and potassium nitrate, 134 bars of “indugel” and 11 electronic detonators. Two arrests were made.(Another paper reported the target was Colombia’s Air Force School)

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El Carabobeño (Carabobo, Venezuela) 7/14/09

There were fifty-one violent deaths in Caracas, Venezuela, over the weekend. Fourteen cadavers entered the morgue from Friday to Saturday, twenty-two from Saturday to Sunday and fifteen more on Monday. (The article goes on to furnish details; the deaths described were all caused by firearm.)

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El Financiero (Mexico City) 7/14/09

Canada is suddenly requiring visas for Mexican citizens because of the number of applicants for refugee status from Mexico. That number has tripled since 2005. Canada’s immigration minister, Jason Kenney, said that Mexico and the Czech Republic, in that order, are the main source of refugees in Canada. The Mexican government acknowledged that Canada’s decision was due to the detection of refugee applications “without a legitimate base.”

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El Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coahuila)  7/14/09

The deputy chief of police at Piedras Negras, Coahuila, was carried off by force Monday morning (13th). Today, Tuesday, three more Piedras Negras police officers have suddenly disappeared. (Piedras Negras is across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, TX)

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El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon, Coahuila)  7/14/09

Twenty additional police officers of San Pedro Garza Garcia (a satellite city to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) have now been arrested by Mex. military personnel. These operations began on June 1st and are aimed to break up a web of police protection for organized crime groups in the Monterrey and surrounding cities. The total of police officers arrested since that date has now reached 112. The names of a number of the police arrested showed up in cartel payrolls.

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The following article headlines are typical of the rest of the day’s news from Mexico. There were more like these: * * * Mayor of a city in Chihuahua is murdered * * * Three persons executed in Sinaloa* * * Two “federales” die after ambush in Michoacan* * * Army takes over police functions in Cuernavaca.

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