Militarization of Honduras has resulted in indiscriminate use of uncontrolled force upon the citizenry

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El Financiero (Mexico City) 7/7/09

 Guatemalan humanitarian activists returning to Guatemala from a visit to Honduras reported that “at least five people have been executed without judicial authority” following the events of June 28 in which Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was expelled from the country by the military. [M3 Report 6/29/09]  The humanitarian mission reported that “the militarization of the country (Honduras) and the indiscriminate use of uncontrolled force has resulted in human rights violations as basic as the right to life.”  The activists said they were able to verify at least five “extrajudicial executions” as a direct result of the situation in Honduras.  Claudia Samayoa, director of the human rights activists in Guatemala said that among the victims there were two youths assassinated Sunday by the Army on the outskirts of the international airport at Tegucigalpa.  She also listed the assassination of journalist Gabriel Fino Noriega, a Radio America correspondent, and the deaths of two of President Zelaya’s sympathizers.  She also mentioned a person killed when run over by a military vehicle during a demonstration.  Regarding the death of Fino Noriega, Radio America said the attack on the journalist was not connected and had nothing to do to the political crisis.


Thirteen people were arrested by Spanish authorities in an operation that broke up a major narcotraffic operation at the El Prat airport in Barcelona.  Seven of those arrested worked at the airport.  The 10-month investigation netted six Colombians, a Mexican, a Chilean and a Peruvian among the 13 arrested, as well as the seizure of seven kilos of cocaine.  The smuggling operation involved hiding the drugs in the restrooms or in luggage marked with the names of air crew members (without their knowledge) of the planes arriving from Latin America, then recovering the contraband later by cleaning crews.


The Mexican consulate in Chicago issues the most immigrant documents of all Mexican consulates worldwide.  According to a press release by the consulate, 101,469 documents were issued in the first half of 2009, of which 50,552 were passports and 42,092 were “matriculas consulares” [identification cards issued to Mexican citizens abroad regardless of immigration status].


 Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 7/7/09

 “They hunt police officers in TJ.”  The article goes on to cover several recent lethal attacks on individual police officers by roving armed commando groups in Tijuana.  Seventeen Tijuana municipal police have been assassinated in this manner in the past six months.


 Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan) 7/7/09

 The Mexican Army dismantled a clandestine laboratory near Acuitzio, Michoacan.  The lab was for processing methamphetamine.  No arrests were made.


 Entorno a Tamaulipas (Tamaulipas) 7/7/09

 A gun battle between Army units and hit-men in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, resulted in two wounded.  The article did not make clear which group suffered the injuries or if there were any arrests.


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