Anonymous You Tube videos expose corruption within Mexico’s National Immigration Agency and Federal Police

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El Universal (Mexico City)  7/1/09

Two anonymous videos showing six presumed members of the “Zetas” expose the alleged relationship between (Mexico’s) National Immigration Agency, federal police, people traffickers and that criminal group, known as the enforcement arm of the Gulf Cartel. The first video shows a group of three “Zetas” detained clandestinely by a black-clad commando group, with heavy caliber firearms, grenades and even a rocket launcher. In the second one there are three others believed to be allies of the “Zetas”, also surrounded by hired killers dressed in civilian clothes. The videos were uploaded to “You Tube” yesterday and distributed to some media at the Port of Veracruz.  (This same item appeared in a number of papers; some said the video was titled Mata Zetas)                                                                                                     The six detainees are “interrogated”. They speak of how and which accomplices operate a network for trafficking in migrants (read: persons wanting to reach the U.S. and enter illegally), in prostitutes, extortion and sale of drugs. This network is said to operate in the Yucatan Peninsula and in Veracruz, reaching up to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and to the border with the United States. Three of the men held (names & nationalities were mentioned,) stated they carried out extortion, traffic of undocumented persons (“pollero”) (sic) and collection of money from the migrants. According to one of them (Ivan Blanco) each undocumented Cuban is charged 2 thousand 400 dollars to be taken from Cancun to the U.S. border. This amount allows for payment of quotas to the PFP (“Policía Federal Preventiva”), to Immigration (350 dollars) and to the Zetas (300 dollars), plus protection charges in Monterrey (800 dollars for “El Flaco”, believed to be a federal police), tickets (200 dollars) and transport to the border (another 260 dollars.) According to another (Julio Zenteno) who says he is a federal agent assigned to Cozumel Island,  Immigration officials, regional and local, such as Carlos Arguello Ordoñez, allow the transit of undocumented migrants. He describes that the 2 thousand 400 dollars to the Cubans (transported in rafts in groups of up to 25 persons) and the 6 thousand 500 dollars to the Chinese (who arrive from Italy and then to Cancun) is shared between personnel of Immigration, Federal Police and “Los Zetas”.                                                                                               The three subjects who speak in the Veracruz video, who presumably were executed this weekend on the streets of the greater Veracruz-Boca del Rio area, confess that it was “Zetas” who carried out the disappearance of the Administrator of Customs of Veracruz, Francisco Serrano. The speakers identified themselves by name; the last one mentioned said he was in charge of giving information about the shipboard containers that arrived at the port of Veracruz, in order to rob them later.

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El Tiempo , Armada Nacional (Bogota, Colombia) 7/1/09

Colombian naval and anti-narcotics personnel seized a 2 (metric) ton load of cocaine which had been camouflaged in a “fast-boat”  and had left from Nicocli, Dep’t. (read: State) of Antioquia, on the eastern side of the Gulf of Uraba (“Darien”, near Panama and the Caribbean Sea). The 345 “perfectly water proofed” packages contain cocaine worth some U.S. $20 million at street value. Almost six tons of cocaine have been seized in the area in the last month.

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Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  7/1/09

The month of June was the second most violent one of the year in Juarez and closed with 216 assassinations. “A new historical record” has been set for the first half of a year: 886 homicides have now been recorded in that city.

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El Pulso (San Luis Potosi, S.L.P.) 7/1/09

The political crisis in Honduras could bring about an increase in the number of Hondurans passing through San Luis Potosi on their way to the United States. Ninety percent of the migrants staying temporarily at the Christian Charity House are Hondurans; yesterday there were 80 Central Americans staying there and some 95% were Hondurans. Even though they left their relatives behind, they won’t change their aim to reach the United States because now more than ever there are no conditions to get ahead financially in their country.

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La Jornada (Mexico City)  7/1/09

In Tancol, a northern suburb of Tampico, Tamaulipas, an anonymous call led Mex. military to confront some thugs and to seize 3 rifles, 2 pistols, 103 loading clips, 1,650 rounds of ammo, 2 grenades and 2 bags of cocaine. They also arrested 3 subjects, though some others managed to flee.

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