Mexico: 3,247 violent deaths reported the first six months of 2009 – a 67% increase over the same period in 2008

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El Universal (Mexico City)  6/30/09

Article headline: “Six months of extreme violence”

With new methods of violence, such as dismembering or cutting their victims into little pieces, or riddling with gunfire children paralyzed by fear, criminal and drug trafficking gangs continue their internal war with an unprecedented total of victims, and harried by federal forces that impede stabilizing zones of influence for the transport or sale of drugs. According to records of “El Universal”, during the first semester – from January 1 to June 29 – there were 3 thousand 247 violent deaths (average of 18 a day) reported in the whole country related to organized crime and narco-traffic activities; these bring to 11 thousand the total (at least 12 assassinations a day) so far during Felipe Calderon’s administration. The incidence of crime is 67% higher than in the first six months of 2008, when 1 thousand 935 homicides linked to organized crime took place.    This year, criminal activity focused on the outlying areas, mainly in hill country regions of Chihuahua, Veracruz, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Mexico (read: state of), Michoacán and Guerrero, where police forces lack the means to deal with them. And 80 city mayors were the victims of extortion in just in four states. The bullets of crime don’t even respect the newborn: on May 24 in Chihuahua City, gunmen fired indiscriminately at a vehicle in which a family was riding, causing the death of the father and of a 26 day old baby. They killed 95 youths under the age of 17 in six months. The increase in crime, principally in Ciudad Juarez, caused the government to call for the meeting of the security cabinet last February and as a result Joint Operation Chihuahua was reinforced. According to officials, militarization put the brakes on violence, but the executions continued.

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El Universo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 6/30/09

A legislative project approved in May by Italy’s Chamber of Deputies (House of Reps.) is scheduled to be voted on today (Tues. 6/30) by the Italian Senate. The bill criminalizes “irregular (read: illegal) immigration”, provides the legal framework for the creation of a “citizens’ patrol” and for a fine of between 5K and 10K Euros (7K to 14K U.S. $) for illegal aliens. Amnesty International is urging the Italian Senate to reject the bill since according to them “it will affect vulnerable persons negatively.”

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Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan)  6/30/09

Found on a back road in Apatzingan, Michoacán on Tuesday morning: the bodies of five unidentified men. All five cadavers were tied, gagged and showed “visible signs of torture”. Shell casings from AK47, AR15 and 38Super were also found at the site.

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Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yuc.)  6/30/09

Violence produced 24 more execution style homicides in five states in Mexico “during the last few hours.” Once again, the highest number, ten, took place in Ciudad Juarez. Three others took place in Sinaloa and in Veracruz. (This article did not include the five found in Apatzingan, mentioned above.)  And “El Diario de Coahuila) (Saltillo, Coah.) today reports that at midnight last night five thugs died during a confrontation with soldiers on a road where they happened to meet near Pueblo Nuevo, Durango. The military suffered one wounded but seized 10 rifles, more than 10 handguns, grenades and bullet proof vests as well as ammo for assault rifles.

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El Sur (Acapulco, Guerrero) 6/30/09

Headlines from the state of Guerrero news section:

“Armed commando attacks law enforcement facility in Costa Azul; two state police are wounded”  * * * * *  “Man executed in La Sabana; two shot in Renacimiento, and in El Coloso they dump one wounded by firearm”  * * * * *  “Five victims of execution found in Taxco; one “bagged” and mutilated in main square; a woman and three with narcomessages”  * * * * *  “Owner of pool hall executed in Nuevo Galeana”  * * * * *   “Six hooded men who apparently went to rob assassinate a man in Tierra Colorada.”

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La Jornada (Mexico City)  6/30/09

(In this paper’s “Migration” section, a listing of things to watch out for in case one is thinking about emigrating to the United States)

(For State of Oaxaca natives)“Please, if you think about coming to the United States, read or ask about the laws of this country so that you will know them and you will not get into serious problems. Due to the high increment of legal problems faced by indigenous migrants, the Bi-National Center for the Oaxacan Indian Development (“CBDIO”) has prepared a small, six point manual dealing with the most common problems that this group of immigrants face.”

“Six rules to avoid legal problems in the United States. This informative letter has been prepared by “CBDIO” due to the high increase of legal problems facing migrant Indians in the United States. Our hope is that it contributes to diminish those grave problems that affect indigenous migrant families.” (Each of the six numbered items below is then followed by the possible legal consequences, which we omitted from this report)

ONE – Legal age to have a mate: the law of the state of California says that persons under 18 years of age may not marry unless their parent(s) or legal guardians give their consent in front of a judge. It’s important to clear up that in California it is considered ILLEGAL for a person under 18 years of age to have sexual relations with someone older than 18; it doesn’t matter that the youth assents.

TWO – Domestic Violence. “Beating the woman, man or children” are grave crimes and are prohibited by the Penal Code, even more so when the mistreated ones show physical marks of the blows they have received.

THREE – Child abuse and negligence.  (Goes on to list negligence and physical, emotional, sexual abuse as is commonly understood and followed in the U.S.)

FOUR – Driving under the influence of alcohol: “Having had drinks and then driving a car having .o8% of alcohol concentration in the blood is against the law and strongly penalized.”

FIVE – Throwing garbage on the street. It is strictly forbidden to throw any type of garbage on the streets and highways, from cigarette butts to papers and big furniture, among other objects.

SIX – Taking care of your bodily needs on the streets. Urinating or using the streets as a bathroom is a strongly punished violation of the law.

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