Mexico remains the principal route for cocaine distribution

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 Mexico is the path for 70% of the world’s cocaine
 The production and consumption of cocaine and marijuana are tending to reduce in the world.  Nevertheless, Mexico remains one of the principal routes for distribution, according to the annual report of the United Nations against drugs and crime.

 According to the annual report, the total number of seizures of marijuana was 5,600 with Mexico in first place with 39% and the USA 26%. The UN calculates that between 143 and 190 million persons smoked marijuana at least one time in 2007.

 The cocaine route: With respect to cocaine, the majority originates in Colombia, and Mexico is one of its routes of departure to the world – 70% is transported through Mexican territory.  In 2007,  48,168 tons of cocaine were seized (7% of the world total).  The first place was taken by Colombia with 195,135 tons (27 % of total) and USA second with 147,804 tons (21%).  A total of 994,000 tons of cocaine were produced and 41% was seized.

 In Mexico the consumption remains high compared with 10 years ago.  According to the UN, the prevalence of use increased from 1.5% in 1998 to 2.5% in 2008 among people between 12 and 65 years of age.  Nonetheless, the majority of the white powder, 17.8%, is consumed in the USA.

 The UN emphasized that in North America, particularly in the USA, the most important reductions in cocaine trafficking were reported in the last two years, owing in part to the decrease of 40% in the traffic of this drug on the Mexico/USA border.

 As to the amphetamine market, Mexican cartels increased its presence in the Lain American and U.S. markets because, according to the UN, the capacity and sophistication of producing the drug in Mexico.  Regarding the seizures, Saudi Arabia is the principal country, with 32% of the total seizures while in Mexico only 2% occur.


 37% of the most sought mafias operate in Mexico
Mexico is the base for more than a third of the narcotrafficking and money laundering organizations most sought after in the world by the USA, for which reason the DEA is applying a new combat tactic against the cartels, the National Drug Control Strategy of the White House.

 The strategy for 2010presented to the U>S> Congress points out that the 51 Priority Consolidated Organizations included in the government list, 19 are in Mexico and represent 37% of the most sought after. 

 The southwestern border of the U.S. is the principal zone of arrival for the majority of the illicit drugs that enter the country.  Besides there is evidence that the war on narcotraffic in the principal Mexican plazas has been felt in 230 U.S. cities, they indicate. 

 Therefore the DEA is applying a new attack strategy on the flow of drugs on the U.S./Mexican border with the purpose of breaking the supply of drugs, money and chemicals between the providing zones and the U.S.


President Calderòn calls on citizens to continue forward in the fight against organized crime
Mexico faces towering costs by virtue of the permissiveness, tolerance and corruption in the fight against organized crime, President Felipe Calderòn pointed out, indicating now is not the moment to step back, lower ones arms and give up or back down.

 To turn ones face, pretend not to see the obvious crime in front of you, as some politicians seek to do; it is not an option for Mexico, the president warned.  He emphasized that “it is absurd to pretend that by turning ones view  the crime will cease to affect us on our streets and in our homes.”

 At the inauguration of the National Security with Justice Forum he called to continue forward “because there is a lot at play” and exhorted the political and social leaders to join in a committed to clear agenda in favor of legality, justice and security.  He expounded that the situation that is being tolerated regarding security and justice today is, without a doubt, a consequence of many omissions, indolence, corruption, illegality and impunity.

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