Mexico: Violence and Drug Raids Rule the day!

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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.


In the Municipality of Guadalupe y Calvo five youths, all members of one family were executed as they played volleyball in a public field; according to witnesses a commando machine gunned them from a moving vehicle.

 The Public Prosecutor’s office informed that in different occurrences taking place in Cd. Juarez six men and one woman were shot to death.

 In Cd. Cuauhtémoc there was reported the discovery of a man with signs of torture and a coup de gras.  Meanwhile, in Chihuahua two more men were killed.  After the homicides the Army mounted an operation which yielded the capture of two assassins.

 In another case, two brothers, 24 and 19 years of age, were found executed with several bullets, in a station wagon parked at the entrance to the town of Majahua, municipality of La Costa Grande de Guerrero.

 A man and wife from Nueva Italia, Michoacán, kidnapped last Saturday, were found dead alongside the federal highway Cuatro Caminos Gabriel Zamora the sub-prosecutor of Apatzingan informed.

 In the cities of Culiacan and Los Mochis, Sinaloa armed groups kidnapped four youths.  Hours later, one of the victims was found dead.

A man in Cibuta, in the municipality of Nogales, Sonora, was killed with several shots from a gun.

 a.b.c. – MEXICO – 06/23/09

Bogota – At least 32 deaths are calculated to be the result of fights between police and rebels of the FARC in region of Alto Naya in eastern Colombia, the local TV said.

Channels RCN and Caracol said that the skirmishes occurred after an ambush by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) of an anti-drug patrol in which seven police died. The police bombarded the zone, located between the Departments of Valle and Cauca, which caused the deaths of 25 insurgents according to the first reports.

Among the guerillas who perished was “El Enano” (the Dwarf) chief of the Manuel Cepeda Lopez front of the FARC, the main and oldest guerilla of Colombia, according to the sources.

In the ambush of the police unit, which took place in the hamlet El Cedral, Lieutenant Daniel Bejarano and six patrolmen who supported the mission died, the source said.

The soldiers made up a mobile anti-smuggling squadron which performed an anti-drug operation in that sector, where FARC operates, a military source indicated.

 a.b.c. – Mexico  –  06/23/09

Mexico, D.F.:  After pursuing two suspicious watercraft in the Gulf of California on the outskirts of Punta Tepoca, Sonora, the Mexican Navy successfully captured six presumed narcotraffickers, seized three vessels (2 eduardoño type boats with outboard motors and a small craft) and close to 7 tons of marijuana. 

The detention took place after a pursuit through the Gulf of California by a ship and interceptor boat of the Mexican Navy which sighted two suspicious vessels in which the drug was being transported, the branch informed in a communiqué. 

The pursuit took place the past 20th  of June on the outskirts of Punto Tepoca and personnel and equipment assigned to the Fourth Naval Region with headquarters in Guaymas, Sonora participated.

The first eduardoño type boat detained had four outboard motors and had two crewmen who transported part of the drug.  A second vessel was pursued by the ocean patrol in addition to other interceptor boats with help from an airplane and a helicopter from the maritime patrol until it was abandoned by its crew on a beach near Punta Tepoca.  These four crewmembers boarded another vessel in which they fled in order to take refuge in a house of a nearby village.  An immediate reaction commando landed in a helicopter at the house where the presumed narcos were hiding to effect their capture and take custody of the third boat, which was used only for transport and had not indications of drugs.

The six detainees, the three vessels and the 769 packages of marijuana with an approximate weight of six tons were transferred the Port of Guaymas, Sonora where they will be turned over to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF).

EL UNIVERSAL – Mexico  –  06/23/09


 The Mexican Army found a clandestine drug laboratory in the state of Nuevo Leon where they located a list with the names of police officers who presumably were working with the Gulf Cartel, an official informed. Some 30 people worked in the laboratory to produce the drug, said a military official who took part in the operation which took place in a residential zone of Monterrey , capital of Nuevo Leon, where one person was detained.  The source said that the laboratory processed monthly a half ton of drugs, like marijuana and cocaine.

The operation extended to various neighboring residences as three persons were able to escape.  The military source emphasized that the soldiers found lists with names of Monterrey police officers, ministerial agents and active members of State immediate response groups who were presumably working for the Gulf Cartel.

Also located were an AR-15 rifle, several computers with information about the distribution of the drug in the metropolitan area of Monterrey and packages containing cocaine and marijuana.  In the laboratory where the cocaine was weighed and packaged were also found two altars dedicated to “La Santa Muerte” (Death Saint).

During the last two weeks the military have detained 100 police in order to investigate them regarding their relation to narcotrafficking bands, and more than half of them have been processed for the offense of organized crime.

The Mexican Army has more than 2,500 soldiers deployed in the northeastern Mexican states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas to combat the narcotraffic cartels which operate in the region.

 EL INFORMADOR – Mexico – 06/23/09

Culiacan, Sinaloa:  In the “Ranchito” community, the Army discovered a laboratory to process a synthetic drug.  Inside were seized 1,000 liters presumably of the drug called “crystal”, chemicals and almost a kilo of marijuana, among other things.

To one side of the building where the laboratory operated the soldiers located a security house where they found scraps of food, a 9mm pistol, a kilo of marijuana, seeds and three vehicles hidden.

The spokesman for the Joint Operation Culiacan/Navolato informed that the discovery was the result of intelligence work, so when the delinquents who kept watch over the place noticed the troops, they fled to parts unknown.

The presumed narcotraffickers conditioned an area on a farm in order to install a laboratory where were found five 200 liter barrels containing a liquid substance which is presumed to be “crystal”, as well as bags of caustic soda, hypophosforic acid, petroleum and muriatic acid.  In the contiguous building were seized a Nissan Frontier, Honda Accord and a classic 1960 GMC pickup truck.

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