Mexico: Upcoming elections infiltrated by organized crime

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Economista – 06/22/099
Possible Collusion of the Narcos in the Intermediate Campaigns of Mexico

The executions linked to the settlement of accounts among the narcotraffic cartels in Mexico are multiplying while the intermediate legislative elections approach July 5th – and for the first time the suspicion of an infiltration of the cartels into the parties erupts into a campaign.

There has been suspicion of collusion among drug cartels and politicians for years, but never before has there been a campaign theme as it occurs on this occasion having in mind the intermediate elections in which will be replaced 500 seats of the Chamber of Deputies (H.R.), 6 Governors and 565 Mayors.

President Felipe Calderòn has made a war against the cartels the crux of his government; he refers openly in his televised campaign messages to the infiltration of narcotraffic in the parties.  In one of them, the PAN (political party) it shows a group of “good” citizens who defeat a group of drug traffickers in a game of “pull the cord.”

Last Friday, the federal government filed charges against 7 mayors and 20 officials of  Michoacán  and activists of the PRD (political party) for their presumed ties to “La Familia”, a cartel which has gained strength in the last years.

In this election, Calderòn looks for a greater backing in his campaign against narco traffic, in which more than 36,000 military personnel participate and which is applauded by the U.S.

Frontera – Mexicali, B.C. 06/20/09
Narco Vending will be Combated by the State

The subject of narco retailing will go from a federal to a state violation with the recent reform of the federal penal code and the implementation of the state penal justice system in B.C., beginning in Mexicali in February 2010.  In view of this panorama municipal and state agents will have a greater number of tools for the detention of narco peddlers and power to prosecute them more expeditiously in the state.

State and municipal prosecutors in B.C. will have the capacity to determine what amount is personal use and what is narco trafficking.

Ivan Del Llano Granados, Commissioner of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in D.F. stated that the law of narco dealing passed by the Congress of the Union and the Senate considers 5 grams of marijuana personal use; if it exceeds 5000 grams, the violation will not be State and will be up to the PGR (Feds) to investigate it.

 Critica – Hermosillo, Sonora 6/21/09
They transported 183 doses of heroine in their shoes

On the international highway near the point known as “La Jaula”, municipality of Huatabampo, agents of the Federal Ministerial Police arrested two subjects who were transporting 550 grams of heroin, enough to make 183,000 doses.  The detainees were identified as Victor Manuel Leon Chaides and Epifanio Amaya Garcia, 48 and 56 years of age respectively, who were traveling aboard a bus of the “Autotransportes de Guasave” line which also covers the Culiacan-Ensenada Route.  According to the PGR the capture of the two men took place on an anonymous tip.  In the soles of the shoes of Leon and Garcia the feds found four packages made of cinnamon colored adhesive tape which contained 500 grams of heroin.  Questioned as to the source of the drug, both revealed that they were bringing it from Culiacan and were going to Ensenada, where they would turn it over to a person whose characteristics they would find out when they arrived in Ensenada.

El Universal – Mexico 06/22/09
900 Kilos of cocaine seized in Vera Cruz

The federal police in Vera Cruz seized a trailer with almost a ton of cocaine, detected with gamma ray technology, which allows inspection of vehicles without opening them and unloading the cargo.  The seizure took place near the state lines of Tabasco and Vera Cruz.  At that location, the agents stopped the trailer, which was traveling from Tapacula, Chiapas to D.F.

During the inspection, they observed that when the trailer passed through the detection arch at the “mobile vacis” the gamma rays allowed irregular figures to be seen inside the container of the vehicle.  Therefore, they detailed the driver, 46 year old Jaime de Jesus Gutierrez Galvan and seized the unit, white in color with federal public service plates 524ER8.

When passing the trailer through the detection arch of the “mobile vacis” and scanning, the images read positive again.  Therefore, the agents solicited support from the personnel of the Mexican Army to guard and move the unit and the detainee.

The SSP informed that in a coordinated action, federal agents and the military escorted the tractor trailer with its driver to the military installation in Vera Cruz, where they requested the presence of the Federal Prosecutor’s office.  In front of the A.G. a cut was made in the takner from where they removed several packages of polyethylene inside of which they detected more bundles of kilograms of cocaine.  They ultimately came up with 798 packages with a weight of 900 kilograms and 298 grams of cocaine, which were chemically tested with positive results.

El Financiero – Mexico 06/22/09 
The Mobile Consulate Takes Services to Mexicans in the Texas Valley

They seek to orient the persons who cannot go directly to the consular offices.  They offer the application for Mexican passport, consular registration and declaration of Mexican nationality, legal protection and advice.

With the purpose of bringing their services near to the community of Mexican origin residing in the Texas Valley, the Mexican Consulate in McAllen initiated the program named “Mobile Consulate” this Saturday.  The spokeswoman for the consular representation, Miriam Medel Garcia, informed that the program consists in bringing its services closer to the different sectors and cities of the Texas Valley in order to orient the persons who cannot go directly to the consular offices.

She related that through the “Mobile Consulate” program the Mexican community residing in Hidalgo County are invited to go and perform various transactions which for reasons of work, lack of time or for the distance involved could not do.

Medel Garcia emphasized that the “mobile consulate” offers the transaction of the Mexican passport, consular registration, birth registration, protection and legal advice.  Health evaluatin and services and bank information.  She supplied the location and working hours of the consulate.

“We invite the community who might need any service to come to the “mobile consulate” to resolve their anxieties or transactions which for any reason might have pending”, she said.

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