Mexico sets new record: Deaths related to drug traffic hit 3000 – an 80% increase over 2008

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El Universal (Mexico City)  6/18/09

Yesterday (6/17/09) deaths related to drug traffic in Mexico  surpassed 3 thousand, which sets a new record since 2005 when “El Universal” began the register of executions brought about by the war between cartels. The number grew almost 80% in comparison with last year. One thousand 701 victims of executions had been counted on this same date in 2008.                                                         This year the first thousand dead took 51 days, the following thousand 59 days and the last thousand 58 days, an average of 17 persons assassinated daily.          Chihuahua is the state with most crimes linked to drug traffic for the second year in a row. Up until yesterday they tallied one thousand 196, nearly 40% of the total. Only Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Yucatan were free of executions.

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El Heraldo (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  6/18/09

The “documentation chief” of Honduras’ “RNP” (National Register of Persons) stated that trafficking in documentation continues to be one of the causes that is “annihilating this government entity”, and that just in the last few days some ten fraudulent personal identity cases have been detected. “Influential” personnel with the agency are blamed for the issuance of false birth and death certificates and even for the issuance of national identity documents to persons who are not Hondurans.

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La Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guat.) 6/18/09

Guatemala achieved the second seizure of pseudoephedrine pills within a couple of days. This time, 58 boxes arrived on a cargo flight originating from India; they contained 1,148,400 pills, falsely documented as “paper labels”. (M3 Report of 6/17/09 relates)

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La Hora (Guatemala City, Guat.)  6/18/09

Ubaldo Villatoro, “executive director” of Guatemala’s “National Migrations Board”, said that this year could end up with some 55 thousand Guatemalans “expelled” from the United States and Mexico. He urged the government to inform the U.N. about ascertaining the immigrants’ human rights, and also that immigration legislation be revised. A photo accompanying this article shows deportees exiting a passenger plane. The caption reads: “Fellow countrymen keep migrating to the United States, despite the increase in migratory controls.”

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El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  6/18/09

The main retail places for police and military uniforms are the second hand street shops in Juarez. Now, the state congress has modified the penal code to provide for up to six years imprisonment for the unauthorized sale of these uniforms to other than police or military.

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El Financiero (Mexico City)  6/18/09

The head of Mexico’s immigration service at Mexico City’s airport, and one other immigration agent, were both arrested for “collaboration in the traffic of undocumented persons.” They were observed while allowing the entry into Mexico of persons from other countries (in this case, from Peru) without the necessary documents.

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El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora)  6/18/09

The crime of robbery, the most common in Nogales, Sonora has seen an upsurge of nearly 100%. In 2007 166 armed robberies were reported from January to May; this year, the figure has risen to 293. Un-armed robberies this year have reached 455. And homicides now total 41 for the year, one every 3.42 days. (Nogales, Sonora, is just across the border from Nogales, Arizona)

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La Cronica de Hoy (Mexico City)  6/18/09

Three “SIEDO” officials in Mexico are now under a 40 day preliminary judicial arrest order. Two of them are accused of links with the Beltran-Leyva drug cartel, while the third one is linked to the “El Mayo” Zambada Garcia cartel. (“SIEDO” is a federal agency; the acronym’s full translation is something like: “Law Enforcement Sub-Agency regarding Specialized Investigations about Organized Crime”)

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Milenio (Mexico City)  6/18/09

The head of Mexico’s immigration office in Saltillo, Coahuila, said that 500 undocumented aliens have been detained in Coahuila this year. Most are Central Americans, mainly from Honduras. He added that the flow of Central Americans en route to the United States continues through Coahuila’s border and that a number of the illegals get tired and opt for being deported to their own countries.

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