Crime endemic throughout Mexico; Over 70% of Mexico’s citizens fear kidnapping and robbery

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La Crónica de Hoy (Mexico City) 6/17/09

Some numbers from a May 24th national poll about public security, conducted by “Consulta Mitofsky”  (a major public opinion firm in Mexico) and from “Mexico United Against Crime” :

Mexicans continue to be fearful of being victims of some crime: 72% fear being kidnapped and 78% fear being robbed; almost three out of four Mexicans perceive  “a situation of deteriorated insecurity in the last 12 months and only 24 percent thinks that it has improved.” The perception about the ease of obtaining narcotic drugs went from 66 percent in August of 2008 to 71 percent in the poll of May of this year. Crime has touched society in general: 24 percent of respondents stated that crime has affected them or some family member during the last three months. Respondents also say that the army has worked a lot to combat crime and violence, nevertheless 49 percent affirms that all that effort is not enough.

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Papers from one end of Mexico to the other, and even from Central America, today reported the seizure of a shipment of cocaine found at Progreso, Yucatan, in the frozen bodies of a shipment of sharks inside a couple of shipboard containers which had reportedly been loaded in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. The weight of the cocaine varied considerably depending on which paper was seen. The 870 packages of the drug lend credence to the reported total weight of either 900 kilos or 1 ton, 44 kilos.

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Crítica (Hermosillo, Sonora)  6/17/09

Guatemala’s Human Rights Dep’t. reported that “high level” Mexican and Guatemalan officials, as well as police, judicial personnel and organized crime groups all participate in the “lucrative business” of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Of the 400 cases investigated in 2008 only one resulted in a guilty sentence. Guatemala is seen as a stopping point in the contraband of these human beings toward Mexico and the United States.

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El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 6/17/09

Despite the growing organization by the migrants (read: illegal aliens) and the obvious willingness of the Mexican and U.S. governments to resolve the immigration problem “we must not have any illusions, because the anti-immigrant hysteria has also been increasing”, said Mexican Senator Rosario Green, during the presentation of a new book.                                                                               After acknowledging immigration is “a complex problem”, Green affirmed that “it is essential for our main trading partners, who benefit from the migratory exchange, to accept their responsibility and to realize that prolonging the inequality of their relation with Mexico will only end up in canceling the prospects for their own growth.”

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El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) & Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  6/17/09

A gang of four kidnappers was arrested by Mex. military in Rosarito, Baja Calif., (just south of Tijuana). One kidnap victim was rescued; the kidnappers had cut off one of his fingers and sent it to his family with the ransom demand. The four thugs are said to be part of the organized crime group led by “El Teo”, dedicated to kidnapping, murder, firearm and drug traffic in urban areas of Baja California and cities bordering the United States. 20 firearms (mostly rifles), 278 clips, 14,662 rounds of ammo, 27 bullet proof vests and 15 helmets were also seized.

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El Universal (Mexico City)  6/17/09

The upswing of violence in the war between organized crime groups caused 37 executions in Mexico in the last 24 hours. 15 of those homicides took place in Chihuahua, 5 in Michoacán, nine in Durango, 6 in Sinaloa and 2 in Veracruz. (The article then goes on to describe these crimes in more detail) (But the victims in the following report were not included in this tally of death)

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Milenio (Mexico City)  6/17/09

Three decapitated victims were found on the street in the hamlet of Ocurahui, east of Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The three heads were found inside black bags. * * * * The deputy chief of police of the Los Pinos area of Tijuana was shot and killed during a car-to-car attack this morning as he left work and was heading home. He is the sixteenth police assassinated this year in the Tijuana area.

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