Javier Lozano, Mexico’s Labor and Social Welfare Secretary: “We must demand rights for our migrants”

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La Crónica de Hoy (Mexico City)  6/16/09

Javier Lozano, Mexico’s “Labor and Social Welfare” Secretary, said that all progress with the United States government on the issue of migrants’ rights is “welcome, necessary and just.” In an exclusive interview with Notimex (Mex. news agency) Lozano quoted the statements of Hilda Solís, the Sec. of Labor of the U.S., that president Barack Obama is about to promote a migratory reform and held that this would be favorable for both countries. He stated, “We must obtain a legal, secure and orderly migration. I’d want nothing more than for that work force to stay in our country, but if there are job opportunities on the other side we must demand rights for our migrants.(The “other side” is an expression commonly used in Mexico to refer to the United States.) He added that the conditions, the nature of the reform and more details as to its reach will be set forth when it comes time to deal with the issue.

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La Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guat.) 6/16/09

17 million 562 thousand pseudoephedrine pills were found in a shipboard container at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, where they had arrived from India aboard a ship. The value of the load was placed at 263 million Quetzales (approx. 33 million dollars.)

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El Carabobeño  (Carabobo, Venezuela) 6/16/09

This past weekend there were 36 homicides in Caracas and 29 elsewhere in Venezuela. In Caracas, ten bodies went to the morgue from Fri. to Sat., 18 from Sat. to Sun and on Monday there were eight more.

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Cambio de Michoacán  (Morelia, Michoacán) 6/16/09

Found by the hamlet of Zumpimito, a few miles south of Uruapan, Mich.: the bodies of two men, each dismembered into ten parts including tongues and genitals. This is the same place where three other bodies were found a few days ago who had had a large “Z” carved into their chest.

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Diario de Yucatán  (Mérida, Yuc.)  6/16/09

The town of Oxkutzcab, in central Yucatán, is said to be the locale for a safe house for illegal aliens who plan to enter the United States. They are mainly Central Americans but also include some Asians. The site was said to be on 41-A St., between 62 and 62A of Colonia Ceres, and that the entry is through a restaurant. The mode and route of transport of the illegal aliens was not mentioned. 

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El Sol de Mexico , Excelsior (Mexico City) 6/16/09

“The cadavers of seven executed men were found this Tuesday morning piled up one on top of the other near a dry river bed by the town of El Consuelo, in a deal that smacks of a slaughter by drug trafficking killers.”  The bodies had their hands and feet tied, showed evidence of torture and also “numerous firearm wounds.” (El Consuelo is a suburb of both Gomez Palacio, state of Durango, and Torreon, Coahuila). “Excelsior” also reported that two police chiefs in towns of the state of Guanajuato have been detained due to links with drug traffic.

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El Universal (Mexico City)  6/16/09

As of yesterday (Mon., 6/15) all police agents, including all supervisory personnel, in the Otay Mesa area of Tijuana, Baja Calif., have been replaced by new personnel who have passed background security exams conducted by federal agents. The top two chiefs are both military officers. More than 50 police there have been detained or are under investigation in the area due to suspected links with organized crime; a number of others have resigned of their own accord. More than 200 vacancies have taken place since the current local administration took over. (Otay Mesa is the eastern side of Tijuana, and borders the United States.)

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