Mexico electoral campaigns to choose new legislature do not address the 14 million illegal Mexican aliens who live and work in the United States

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El Universal (Mexico City)  6/16/09

Mexico’s electoral campaigns to choose the “61st Legislature of the Chamber of Deputies” (61st session of the House of Representatives) do not reflect interest or any proposal in favor of the more than 14 million undocumented Mexicans who live and work in the United States. An analysis about the campaigns, produced by the Immigration Matters Work Group of the PRI (the Mexican political Party which ruled Mexico for most of the last century until Pres. Fox, of the “PAN” party, was elected) in San Lázaro (Mexican equivalent to Capitol Hill) points out that no party makes reference to the exodus of more than 750 thousand Mexicans who each year cross the northern border, of which 700 die in the attempt. In an interview, the group coordinator, Edmundo Ramirez, lamented that “everything is drug traffic, disqualifications of hooded men and athletes, the promotion of the death penalty, happy numbers.” He stated “No one remembers that we owe the second source of foreign currency in this country, even with the crisis in the United States, to millions of fellow citizens who send around 23 billion dollars annually.”                                                       The PRI deputy said further that, three weeks away from the elections on July 5, “really no one speaks of the migrants, of the round-ups in the United States, of the hundreds of dead each year on the border, of the second class citizenship which we bestow on them due to a failed vote from abroad.” The analysis reveals that in 2006 the approval of the so-called postal vote resulting in only 33 thousand Mexicans voting in the United States, out of a potential population of more than 4 million.

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El Nuevo Diario  (Managua, Nicaragua)  6/15/09

Near Chantales, Nicaragua, smugglers driving a rented SUV came upon a police unit going in the opposite direction; the smugglers suddenly stopped and backed up some 100 yards, while its occupants fired at the police patrol unit. Three smugglers were arrested and “more than” 462 kilos of cocaine were seized.

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Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  6/15/09

A formal statistical comparison report by Guatemala’s “National Civil Police” (“PNC”) shows that criminal events have risen sharply: while in 2008 there were 1,518 homicides, the number has reached 1,803 in the first four months alone. A report from another agency states that 103 lynchings have also been recorded. The Secretary of Government has given 180 days to the new “PNC” top officials to bring crime figures around. 89.3% of criminal cases reported never reach conclusion in Guatemala’s criminal justice system.

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El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  6/15/09

Homicides in Ciudad Juarez have increased 43% in comparison with the entire first half of last year. This year’s tally of assassinations has now reached 770 victims as of the end of last week.

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La Voz de la Frontera (Mexicali, Baja Calif.) 6/15/09

When a tractor trailer coming from Guadalajara reached a highway checkpoint some 20 kms. from Mexicali, the soldiers at the checkpoint were able to detect a strong smell of marihuana. The 670 packages of the weed inside the truck weighed 6 thousand 400 kilos. The truck was en route to Mexicali. (A photo of the haul is attached)

6 K kilos

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