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Large number of Mexican minors cross border in search of work

June 2, 2009

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El Debate (Culiacan, Sinaloa) – and others – 6/1/09

A report by Mexico’s “SRE” (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores : Department of State) states that thousands of unaccompanied Mexican minors cross illegally into the United States each year, not because of the need to join a relative but to seek employment. Last year, 17,772 minors were sent back to Mexico from the U.S. and 64% of these (11,378) admitted they had crossed the border to look for work. Over one hundred of them also served as smugglers’ guides for groups of aliens entering the United States illegally, or were alien smugglers of their own accord. Sixty-nine admitted they “crossed the border to carry out drug smuggling.”

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Economista (Mexico City)  6/1/09

The Bank of Mexico reported that individual monetary remittances into Mexico, practically all from the United States, reached 1.779 billion dollars last month, a drop from the 2.188 billion recorded in the same period last year. The total for the first four months of the year (for remittances into Mexico only) is 7.255 billion dollars. These funds are the second largest source of foreign currency for Mexico, after petroleum exports.

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El Heraldo (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) 6/1/09

A light aircraft crashed and burned before dawn this morning (Mon.) near El Negrito, in northern Honduras. Two incinerated bodies and only one kilo of cocaine were found inside. Officials “presume” that the rest of the cocaine was destroyed by the fire. This is the second “narcoplane” incident in Honduras in five days. “According to officials, at least 100 tons of cocaine pass through Honduran territory from Colombia en route to the United States.”

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Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  6/1/09

The most recent statistics from Guatemala’s “Ministerio de Gobierno” (“Dep’t. of Government) show that from Jan. 1st to April 20 of this year there were 297 more homicides than in the same period of 2008 and that 1,996 took place in the last four months. Emergency first responders’ figures show a higher number, 2,396. Last year closed with 6,292 homicides and officials believe it’s quite probable that this year will have a higher total.

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El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon, Coahuila), La Jornada (Mexico City) 6/1/09

On Monday morning, federal police and military personnel carried out a joint operation for the arrest and detention of a number of police officers in and around the area of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The arrest and detention orders were issued by the state’s Att’y. Gen.’s office. (During the initial preparation of this report, the first number of arrests seen was 25. That grew to 28 and later to 39 detainees) Some 78 police are said to be named in the arrest order; they include state police as well as city police from Monterrey and some of its satellite cities. All are involved in furnishing protection to organized crime bosses “who have managed to escape.”

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El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  6/1/09

The month of April closed with 111 victims of homicide in Juarez, a 34.5% increase over the 81 murders recorded in April. The first victim for June was found at 3:30 a.m. today (Mon.), shot to death and dumped by an empty lot.

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Armada Nacional de Colombia (Colombian Navy) 6/1/09

Two “semi-submersibles” (mini subs) were seized early Monday in the Gulf of Uraba (Darien; right by the border of Colombia with Panama, on the Caribbean) These vessels are valued at about 2 million dollars each and are equipped with sophisticated navigation systems. They each have the capacity to transport six tons of cocaine. Nine mini-subs have been found or intercepted in 2009. They are said to belong to the narco group headed by Daniel Rendon Herrera, aka “Mario”

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El Espectador (Bogota, Colombia) 6/1/09

Three (metric) tons of cocaine were seized today (Mon.) by Colombian police in the same general area (Gulf of Uraba/Darien) where the mini-subs mentioned above were found. The drug belonged to the same individual and was destined to Panama, then Honduras, Mexico and the United States. It was “perfectly camouflaged to prevent damage from sea water.” The event represents a 105 million dollar loss for the narcos.

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El Universal  (Mexico City) 6/1/09

23 Mexican congressmen will take part in the next Mexico-U.S. “Interparliamentary Reunion” in Seattle, WA, from June 5th to 7th; the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies (House of Reps.) committee on “Population, Borders and Migratory Issues” said there is confidence they will progress from rhetoric to concrete accords. The article’s headline reads: “Mexican legislators will promote migratory reform in the U.S.”

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