Colombia expresses confidence that Mexico will defeat the powerful drug cartels

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[Mexican news continues to center on the swine flu epidemic.]


El Financiero (Mexico City) 4/27/09


The national anti-narcotic director of Colombia, Carlos Albornoz, assured the full backing of his country in Mexico’s drug war.  In an interview in Lima, Peru, the “anti-drug czar” of Colombia expressed confidence that Mexico will defeat the powerful drug cartels.  Albornoz, on a visit to Lima, said that “unfortunately Mexico must travel the road that Colombians suffered.”  He added that “it can’t be avoided; they will suffer, but they can win and I believe Mexico is succeeding.”  He assured that Colombia offers the Mexican authorities its experience in this struggle, comparing this stage with that of Colombia in the 1980s.



El Tiempo (Bogota, Colombia)  4/26/09


A “fast boat” loaded with 1,098 kilos of cocaine left from southwest Colombian shores  headed for Central America but Colombian Navy units intercepted it before it reached international waters and arrested its four crewmen.  The boat was equipped with three 200 h.p. outboards which allowed it to reach a speed of 35 knots.



El Comercio  (Lima, Peru)  4/26/09


Four Spaniards, a Lithuanian, a Briton, a Filipina, a Romanian, a Dutchman and four Peruvians were the week’s tally of arrests at Lima’s airport.  All of them were airline passengers attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the country in a variety of ways.  The combined weight reached 33.1 kilos.



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