Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations insists on global migratory reform!

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El Financiero & Excelsior  (both Mexico City)  4/23/09


At a work session of the Office of Mexicans Abroad, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations, Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, said that there is a new relationship between Mexico and the United States and that on that basis the government of Mexico will insist in reaching accords for a global migratory reform. Also, that Mexico has advanced and the proof is the decriminalization of the undocumented persons who cross through Mexico.

She pointed out that the struggle of Mexicans abroad is the struggle of the governments (sic) of Mexico “because we are all just one nation and our identity knows no borders.”   Further, that  from the government’s standpoint  none of the ones who live outside the country have ceased being a Mexican because 75 percent of them were born on Mexican soil and the fourth part, although born outside the country, represents 20 states of the Mexican Republic. (emphasis supplied)

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El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) , El Universal (Mexico City) 4/23/09

Mexico’s President Calderon spoke at a ceremony for the inauguration of the new “Enlace” (“Link”) program designed to evaluate teachers via exams given to millions of children. He said: “We are not only going to review Spanish and Math as in the past, we’re also going to review Civics and Ethics Formation, which the country so badly needs, let me tell you in all honesty; if there is one thing that Mexico needs it is good citizens, but of course good government, I would say above all good governments. There are no good governments if there are no good citizens.”  “The day we have better citizenry we’re going to have better politics; the day we have better citizens we’re also going to have better politicians.”

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El Universo  (Guayaquil, Ecuador)  4/23/09

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa, who is up for reelection Sunday, stated that they see an opening and have hope that “the absurd anti-migratory policies of the United States “will change. He insisted that with Obama there’s hope regarding the Latin Americans’ immigration status. According to official estimates some three million Ecuadorans emigrated in the last few decades, mainly to Spain and the United States. Ecuador’s official population estimate is around 14 million.

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El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  4/23/09

*    (Ciudad Juarez: the place not to take your car.) Auto theft reached 3,461 for the first quarter of the year. Carjackings accounted for 517 of that number (5.74 avg. daily)

*     Two persons, one of them a woman, were forcibly abducted yesterday. And two other bullet riddled bodies were found in Chihuahua City.

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Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  4/23/09

Early morning passers-by in the Los Pinos area of Tijuana found a man whose torso was wrapped with a blanket. There was also a black plastic bag on his chest. Inside the bag was his head.

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El Universal  (Mexico City) 4/23/09

*   Seven persons have already been executed in various parts of Michoacan up until noon, Thursday 23rd. Three were “wrapped” and tied; three others were riddled by AK47 gunfire. The seventh was a lawyer who was repeatedly shot out on the street while attempting to run and flee.

*    In Coahuila, an eight year old girl riding a bike died when she was hit by gunfire from thugs who were shooting at a man on the street. Four men were murdered  in different locations in the state of Sinaloa; one of them was driving  with his wife and son as passengers. And four others were assassinated in Ciudad Juarez.

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