The pressure is on! Mexico and Central American Governments and Citizens demanding a stop to workplace raids and immigration reform for those living illegally in the U.S.

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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  4/16/09

Harold Rodas, Guatemala’s Chancellor (Sec. of State), said that Obama and the Central American presidents will meet Sunday the 19th in the morning at the Summit of the Americas taking place in Trinidad and Tobago. He said : “The prime issue will be migration; we will ask for the deportations and round-ups to be halted, because we consider that they are an attack against human rights.” Rodas also confirmed that Colom (Guatemala’s president) will meet with ten U.S. congressmen to discuss lobbying efforts regarding immigration reform.

The migrant community will have their eyes set on the summit, since they consider it is the perfect opportunity to accomplish what hasn’t been possible in tens of years. Fernando Munoz, president of the Guatemalan Immigrant Movement of the U.S., said “The Central American Presidents must make good use of this meeting to ask that the reform be integral and that it include everyone.”

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Critica (Hermosillo, Sonora)  ( and others)  4/16/09

(Dateline: Mexico City, April 16) – Beginning at noon various migrant organizations will hold a march and acts of protest in front of the American Embassy to demand a migratory reform, due to the visit to Mexico of the U.S. President.

Elvira Arellano, the woman who sought refuge in a church to prevent her deportation, is one of the activists who will lead one of the demonstrations in front of the embassy. Another of the demonstrations programmed for this Thursday is a march toward the embassy to ask that Obama keep his promise of promoting an immigration reform, which gained him the support of the “latino” community during his campaign en route to the White House.

The organizations calling for these actions are Guerrero Azteca Project, Red Migrante (Migrant Network), Coalicion Contra el Muro Fronterizo (Coalition against the border fence) , Frente de Mexicanos en el Exterior  (Mexicans Abroad Group) Angeles de la frontera (Border angels) and Casa Aztlan de Chicago, among others.

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El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  4/16/09

The city of Juarez and the Mexican federal government reached an agreement setting September as the final date for the withdrawal of federal military forces from the city. Juarez will have the obligation of structuring the city police “under rules and processes including a police career; mechanisms for professionalization, a disciplinary regimen and clear standards for the use of force.” The city’s mayor explained that they are committed to recruiting and training 1,400 additional personnel for the city police force this year.

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Excelsior  (Mexico City)  4/16/09

*   Sixty city police officers of Cuautitlan, state of Mexico, have failed “trustworthiness” exams. The city’s mayor commented on this after announcing the arrest of two other policemen who dedicated themselves to stealing cars. He also said that some of the sixty who flunked are linked to organized crime. Another fifty who took the exam were found to have shown some “irregularity.”

*    Three beaten and strangled bodies were found in the trunk of a car on the Acapulco-Zihuatanejo highway on Thursday morning. (This paper’s unofficial tally of victims of homicide in Mexico has now reached 1,672 for the year.)

*    A confrontation Wednesday evening between Mexican army personnel and an armed group in the back hill country of the state of Guerrero resulted in sixteen dead, including one soldier. The shootout took place near the township of San Nicolas del Oro. After the shootout some 30 assault rifles, a Barret rifle , pistols and explosives were found.

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El Universal (Mexico City)  4/16/09  (article quoted in entirety)

Two men were tortured and killed by gunfire Wednesday at dawn in Lazaro Cardenas,  Michoacan. In both cases messages were left, presumably from “The Michoacan  Family”. Four executions took place in Sinaloa, two in the town of Salvador Alvarado. In Guasave, Martin Valdez Castro, who was carried off Monday, was found dead, and in Navolato, Hector Manuel Quevedo died in a shootout with police. Two unidentified cadavers were found in Durango. Nine persons were executed in Chihuahua, three of them in Ciudad Juarez.

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Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  4/16/09

A neighborhood security guard was carried off and later found in a vehicle on the highway from Rosarito to Ensenada, Baja Calif. (just south of Tijuana). Someone had cut off his head.

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Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  4/16/09

(Homicides are down in Ciudad Juarez): Only 24 people have been assassinated  in Ciudad Juarez during the first 15 days of April. One of them was shot while driving a vehicle; the other was made to kneel with his head against a wall and then was shot on the neck.

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