Mexican Chamber of Deputies considering the legalization of marijuana

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El Universal (Mexico City) 4/13/09


One of the proposals by specialists before the Mexican Chamber of Deputies [House] is to legalize the use of marihuana, with limits, as part of a plan against drugs and organized crime.  The policies being debated include other means of prevention and military combat against crime groups that operate the narcotic market as well as arms traffic, money laundering, human smuggling and kidnapping.  They proposed distancing the marihuana user from the criminal scene by not jailing a person for using or being addicted to the drug and permit the establishment of sales of small amounts for personal use and the formation of clubs that plant for their own personal consumption.  A user, either free of the “profit closet” or in jail, is the present dilemma, said the specialists in favor of a law permitting “giving a few tugs to marihuana” in a responsible way, though that will be a decision of national sovereignty since the US has a prohibitionist tendency.  

The Secretary of Government and the PAN faction [President Calderon’s party] allied to define the scope of legalizing the drug.  Javier Gonzalez Garza, president of the political coordination board of the Chamber, is “absolutely against” criminalizing the possession of marihuana for personal use.  He explained that the market in the US, supplied by the powerful cartels, is so large that the problem, in the form of violence, has moved to Mexico where DEA wants consumption penalized.  “Nevertheless, that isn’t the solution because there aren’t enough jails for such a law,” he said.  One of the specialists, Benedit Tisher of the Berkeley Global Foundation, recommended that “we should control drugs without thinking what the US does.”  Tisher is Canadian.



El Financiero (Mexico City) 4/13/09


Two Mexican citizens were arrested by US authorities in El Paso, Texas, after trying to complete a transaction with undercover agents to buy firearms for some two million dollars.  The undercover operation began in January by ICE and the El Paso Police Department.  The arms were intended to be taken to Mexico as soon as the Mexican Army left the Ciudad Juarez area.



El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 4/13/09


After a rather quiet Holy Week, Nogales, Sonora State began the new week with the discovery of three bodies on the outskirts of town.  No other information was available.


In Agua Prieta, Sonora, [across from Douglas, AZ] the bodies of three youths were found in the rear of a car parked behind a gas station.  The youths, two males and a female, were ages 19,18 and 15.  Two of the victims had been abducted early Saturday morning from a discotec, “Pachanga.”



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