The push is on! Mexico and Central American Countries pressuring Washington to stop deportations, raids in the workplace and undertake migratory reform (Amnesty!)

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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.


  (Mexico City)  3/26/09   –full transl.-
The Plenum
(read: full assembly) of the Chamber of Deputies approved an Accord Point to urge the Secretary of Foreign Relations (“SRE”) to take up talks with the government of the United States of America again about an integral migratory reform and the respect of the human rights of the Mexican migrants who live and work in that nation.
During the session, the Plenum voted in favor of said proposal which exhorts the SRE to ask the government of the United States of America, via the proper diplomatic channels, to determine the feasibility of temporarily suspending the deportations of the undocumented migrants for the purpose of allowing them to continue working and to avoid the separation from their American citizen children.
That Accord Point was presented to the Public Coordination Group of the Chamber of Deputies and its spirit is:  To guarantee the regularization and the respect of the human rights of the Mexican migrants who live and work in the United States of America.
In this context, Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, chairman of the Population, Borders and Migratory Affairs Committee, asked the Secretary of National Security (sic) of the United States, Janet Napolitano, not to confuse the migratory issue with that of security, after she announced the militarization of the border.
He stated “We regard with concern some of the statements of Secretary Janet Napolitano, in which she sets forth that the militarization of the border would be to bring the end of organized crime on the border, because in these statements she continues to associate the issue of migration with that of security. The Mexicans who work there are not terrorists and for that reason we have stated this to North American congressmen with great concern.”
El Universal  (Mexico City)  3/26/09
*     A meeting by some Central American countries’ heads of state has been taking place in Managua, Nicaragua. There, the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, stated that “to emigrate is a human right and not a crime and we’re going to ask him
(Vice Pres. Biden) that the issue of “migrants be removed from the security agenda and that it be moved to the development agenda.”
*     Item headlines in the “States” news section:
–  Military inhibit executions in Juarez
–  Armed group rescues narcotrafficker patient from hospital
–  Underworld imposes its law on the towns of Durango
–  In Sinaloa they prefer to kill at night
El Heraldo  (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  3/26/09
“Obama’s announcement pleases migrants in the U.S.”  -full transl.-
The announcement of the American president, Barack Obama, to take up migratory reforms in April is applauded by Honduran leaders in that country and by authorities of the Honduran Chancery.
Jorge Rivera, of the community of Hondurans in Dallas, Texas, said that was one of his campaign promises and they expected nothing less, besides taking into account that he is the son of an African immigrant. (sic)
Rivera related that president Obama had met with Hispanic Campus (sic) in Washington and had already suggested a compromise for September, “but he moved it up.”
He clarified “It’s not an amnesty because it will not encompass everyone, nevertheless, it will be a comprehensive reform which will include the payment of penalties which according to what they’ve told us, could be about 3,500 dollars, but that hasn’t been decided.”
In Rivera’s opinion, the president’s announcement only reflects that he believes in the immigrants and understands the role which they play in the economy of the United States.
The leader set forth that Americans themselves are aware that “they aren’t going to mow the grass, nor wash dishes or cook in restaurants, and so then the president has understood that role.”
(Sub headline) Support from members of Congress.
The immigrant community and especially the Latin one has had support from various members of Congress in this struggle, which seeks to legalize some 12 million persons.
Rivera said, “A few days ago some 3,500 of us gathered with Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who committed himself to stop the round-ups and the deportations, especially to avoid separations of the families while the reforms are being discussed.”
Jose Lagos, of the Hondurans’ Union in Miami, has reiterated the role which Congresswoman Ileana Ross-Lehtinen has played in the struggle for a favorable migratory reform. This reform could represent a saving grace for thousands of undocumented Hondurans who hide from the American immigration authorities to keep from being deported.
The Chancery expressed its satisfaction about President Obama’s initiative and expects that the reforms will be favorable for the undocumented.
   *   *   *   *
Local events headlines from the same Honduran paper:
–  Man killed by gunfire after auto chase
–  “Mara” gangster wounded in confrontation
–  “Preventive police” shot to death in tire shop
–  Unknown subjects kill a couple in the capital.


El Universal

  (Mexico City)  3/26/09
A number of messages on tag boards were left at various centric places in Ciudad Juarez. Organized crime groups addressed and now are threatening to behead Jose Reyes, mayor of Juarez, as well as his family “even if they are in El Paso, Texas, if you keep helping you know which persons.”
Last week, similar signs threatened the start of the serial killing of policemen unless the chief of the Juarez Public Security Department resigned. Which he did.
La Nacion  (San Jose, Costa Rica)  3/26/09
A group of armed men burst into a government prosecutor’s facility in Golfito, Costa Rica. They overpowered two guards, forced some doors and escaped with the 320 kilos of cocaine which had been seized a couple of days before.
(Our report of 3/25/09 from “El Universo”, Guayaquil, Ecuador, relates.)
The gunmen escaped in 4-wheel drive vehicles and might have headed for the border with Panama, a short distance away.
The launch with the drugs had originally been spotted by a U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, which alerted Costa Rican officials. The vessel’s Ecuadoran crewman had alleged he was just a fisherman who had run out of gas, but K-9’s found the drug in the launch’s false bottom.
La Razon  (La Paz, Bolivia)  3/26/09
340 kilos of cocaine were seized by Bolivia officials at Capirenda, near the border with Paraguay. The drug was about to be loaded onto a light aircraft. An unspecified number of subjects were arrested.
El Comercio  (Lima, Peru)  3/26/09
*     When Raul Sanchez was detained by police in Lima he was found to have two stolen Italian passports. He told the arresting officers he was taking them to “Alfredo” to be “washed.” Police went to Jose Alfredo Ramirez Silva’s place and found a “laboratory” with 50 passports from the U.S., Spain, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Venezuela and Argentina, “among others” as well as signature seals of officials of foreign embassies and also from a number of Peruvian government agencies and from Notaries Public.
*     Police inspected a passenger bus on the Pan American highway north of Lima and found that one of the passengers, Lucy Nancy Montano, 28, had a briefcase with 2,800 detonators. In the baggage compartment she had 908 dynamite cartridges and four rolls of slow fuse weighing 42 kilos. Police are investigating.
Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  3/26/09
In Merida, a noontime search by Mex. immigration officials  failed to come up with the group of “illegal Chinese” (sic) reportedly being held in a hotel. A female smuggler was said to have taken them out of the city quickly before the arrival of the officials.
El Informador  (Guadalajara, Jalisco)  3/26/09
There was a total of four executions in the cities of Lerdo, San Dimas, Ocampo and Durango, in the state of Durango “in the last few hours.”
The San Dimas victim was hit sixteen times with rounds from assault rifle. The body in Ocampo was also hit with gunfire. The one in Lerdo was an ex-policeman; he was killed just a few meters away from an elementary school. And the one in the capital city was found nude but wrapped in bed clothing.
El Siglo de Torreon  (Torreon, Coahuila)  3/26/09
A description follows:
“A person of the masculine gender, of robust appearance, dark skin, black hair and heavy mustache.” Police who went to see him do not know the identity of this person, but neither can they find his body because only the cut-off head was found, on a sidewalk in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.
La Jornada  (Mexico City)  3/26/09
The cadavers of five men were found Thursday, piled up in the back of an SUV in Torreon, Coahuila. The victims had all been gagged, blindfolded and handcuffed. They all showed signs of torture and all had been shot to death.
 – end of report – 



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