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Texas reportedly has emergency plan in place should violence spill across the southern border from Mexico

February 26, 2009

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Excelsior  (Mexico City)  2/25/09
Op/column by Yuriria Sierra, “The other war”
We are tired of counting the dead, of knowing that crime is two, three of four steps ahead of the authorities, who act but who do not achieve.
Now we also have to add the fear being felt along the border, the plans which, as far as is known, are in the state of Texas’ emergency files.
As was reported last Monday right here in the pages of Excelsior, there’s knowledge of an emergency plan that will be placed in action by the government of that state of the American Union (read: U.S.A.) if violence crosses the border and directly attacks anyone of American identity, be that a civilian or member of some security or law enforcement agency.
As was said, the plan includes the use of the National Guard, weapons and even armored tanks. And the thing is that the estimates made in that state speak about a possible scenario in our borders in the style of Colombia – the way Fernando Vallejo pictured it in The Virgin of hired killers -.
According to the Texans’ forecasts, there is the possibility of a “Failed state with everything and the assassination of the president, a civil war which might make the citizens flee and – for the same reason – a massive migration – even more – of our countrymen to their territory.” Bingo !
It is worrisome that a small population – which in this case is a whole state – may already have its strategy planned for what would unleash, without a doubt, a sort of war against our country. It’s also certain that this is not just a war plan, but a clear indication of what they are ready to do in order to maintain control of their border.
It’s evident that what worries them is not only the atmosphere of violence taking place in our country, one to which they also are not unrelated (a great part of the money which the narcos have pocketed is from the buying and selling of firearms and drugs in the interior of the United States.) What they fear the most (and because they confess it in that same plan) is that one of their worst nightmares may become reality: to see a larger number of Mexican citizens on their streets, more than what they are willing to accept.
The subordination to which our countrymen has been subjected is known by all, (even) more when we speak of a state where racism makes them reject any attempt to regularize the nationality (sic) of the thousands of undocumented who reside in its territory.
Thus, we’ve known legislative proposals which seek to persecute the Latinos who reside in that state in a non legal status and which seek to bring out their immigration status. This plan “B” with which they expect to defend themselves is also an exclamation from the purest of Yankee hearts.
Although it could also signify a possibility, perhaps quite remote, of calming the narcotraffickers a bit and painting them a panorama that’s not so easy anymore. And the thing is that from its trenches the United States is already readying its weapons, waiting for the blow that will involve them directly in the border conflicts provoked by the narcos. Though, of course, preparing the invoice they would present to the Mexican government….
According to the Texans’ forecasts, there is the possibility of a “Failed state with everything and the assassination of the president, a civil war which might make the citizens flee and, for the same reason, a massive migration – even more – of our countrymen to their territory.” Bingo !
 El Comercio  (Lima, Peru)  2/25/09
Sixty-three “burriers” have been detained so far this year while attempting to board flights out of Peru and transport cocaine.
The “burriers” are from 21 different countries. The preferred modes of smuggling the cocaine: hidden in luggage, adhered to the body, hidden in canned goods, perfumes or other containers. They also place their lives at risk by swallowing capsules with cocaine.
The total of these smugglers in 2008 was 408, and the aggregate of cocaine found at Lima’s airport was 3.3 metric tons.
El Heraldo   (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  2/25/09
Extract from ” Violence in Honduras is out of control ”
The daily homicide rate in Honduras:
*  in 2005:  6.6  (total 2,416 homicides)
*  in 2008: 12.3 (total 4.473 homicides)
*  in 2005 :  one every 73 days
*  in 2008 :  one every 3 days
La Prensa Grafica   (San Salvador, El Salvador)  2/25/09
Some 120 gang members were arrested Wednesday when National Civil Police (“PNC”) agents took part in a pre-dawn raid in the area of Sonsonate, in western El Salvador. Their objective was the capture of a number of gang members who have been linked to homicides, extortions, robberies and “illicit association.” Last January there were 59 violent deaths in the area. 
“Also arrested was Fidel William Martinez, a gang member deported from the United States three times.” “Martinez told the chief of the PNC that he had been deported from the United States nearly two weeks ago and that he was waiting for money from his family to go illegally again.”
Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  2/25/09
“To escape from war, and the dream of a better life induced eight migrants, three of them from Nepal and five from Somalia, to seek peace and prosperity in the United States; nevertheless, the odyssey ended six months later, when they were captured in Guatemala last Sunday.”
El Debate  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  2/25/09
At 7:20 a.m. Wednesday in Culiacan, two local police officers were outside the home of the deputy chief of police, waiting to escort him. Then, thugs in two passing cars opened fire on them with assault rifles. One officer died, the other was still alive but in a hospital. At least 133 shell casings from AK47 & AR15 were collected at the scene.
El Tiempo (Chihuahua), El Universal (Mexico City)  2/25/09
Various liquid chemicals were found in three vehicles at the airport in Ciudad Juarez on Wednesday afternoon. At the same time, Mexico’s “Security Cabinet” was meeting in Juarez; the group includes the Secretaries of Government, National Defense, Public Security and the Attorney General.
At report time there were incomplete and contradictory reports about the items found, including sulphuric acid, RDX, another – unidentified – plastic explosive, a “hermetically sealed can of beer” in each of the three vehicles plus some wiring and connecting cables. Some unofficial reports were calling it a false alarm.
Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  2/25/09
Some of the front page items:
*     19 year old carried off forcibly by armed men
*     Three men nabbed while trying to dispose of corpse
*     Nine year old girl is found roaming the streets; she got away from house where smugglers were holding her while waiting to take her to her mother in San Francisco, USA.
*     Synthetic drug lab found in Rosarito
La Cronica de Hoy  (Mexico City)  2/25/09
The chiefs of police of the towns of Mapimi and Tlahualilo, Durango
(just north of Torreon, Coahuila) were both arrested by Mexican military personnel in separate events. They were found transporting marihuana and at least one of them also had restricted firearms.
Excelsior , Milenio  (both Mexico City)  2/25/09
Four “municipal preventive police” members died “totally charred” after unknown subjects fired a “bazooka”, assault rifles and grenades at their police patrol pickup on the Zihuatenejo/Acapulco highway.
Milenio  (Mexico City)  2/25/09
Portion of op/column by Joaquin Lopez Doriga, “Terror in Juarez”
The Mayor of Juarez, Jose Reyes Ferriz, is sentenced to death; his Chief of Police was executed Tuesday, and the Secretary of Public Security was forced to resign on Wednesday, under threat by organized crime to execute one policeman for every day that he kept his post. This is a dramatic picture of how narcotraffic governs cities like these, Juarez, the most important one in the state, where not a day goes by without at least one execution.
The residents live in terror, and officialdom is under threat: the same ones who brought about the change of secretary of public security by means of threats have warned the mayor that they will cut off his head if he doesn’t go along with them.
On the whole, it is unacceptable that organized crime may govern, as it governs Ciudad Juarez, and may be able to move Public Security Secretaries, execute police chiefs and threaten mayors with impunity, not to mention their attempt against the life of Governor Reyes Baeza.
Chihuahua heads toward a failed state, hostage to narcotraffic, and Ciudad Juarez, out of control, besieged by narcotrerrorism, already is.
– end of report –



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