Another day of murder and torture

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El Debate (Sinaloa) 2/24/09



Three of four youths abducted Monday night were found murdered in farmland near Costa Rica, Sinaloa, some 20 miles south of Culiacan.  The victims were ages 17, 19 and 20.  The fourth youth abducted with them has not been located.  All the bodies had signs of torture and had been shot repeatedly in their backs and heads.  Their hands were tied behind them with cord.  [Photo relates.]



“A small fortune” in US currency was seized by Mexican federal authorities in Culiacan.  The Army confiscated more than $380,000 as well as two vehicles from a home in the city.  The operation resulted from an anonymous tip and when troops arrived at the house, they spotted an individual armed with an AK-47 rifle.  Seeing the soldiers, the subject disappeared into the house, leaving the door open.  He apparently escaped.



El Financiero (Mexico City) 2/24/09


Unemployment in Mexico has reached an historic level.  Based on the economically active population (PEA), the unemployment rate grew to 5% in January after rapid increases during the final months of last year.  The figures come from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).



El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 2/24/09


The mayor of Vista Hermosa, Michoacan, Octavio Manuel Carrillo Castañeda, was assassinated Tuesday morning by an armed group in a vehicle.  No arrests or further information was reported.



El Diario en Linea (Chihuahua) 2/24/09


                A couple was assassinated in front of their two small daughters in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua.  The girls were not injured in the attack.  The couple fled the car in which the family was traveling in order to keep the children safe, but were pursued on foot and killed while the girls remained in the car “imprisoned by terror.”  No details were provided  as to what provoked the attack.  The murderers escaped.

                In other events, a man was killed in a junkyard and two others were gunned down in a vehicle by another chasing them.  All five killings happened in a two-hour period in the city.


A load of 284 kilos of marihuana was found in a tractor-trailer truck on the highway between Nuevo Casas Grande and Galeana, Chihuahua.  Agents of the Federal Agency of Investigation (AFI) discovered the 30 bundles hidden among the cargo of ceramic blocks.  The weed was seized, the driver arrested and the 1985 Kenworth confiscated.



El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 2/24/09


Federal agents broke up a band of alleged kidnappers called Los Nopaltecos in the town of Otumbo, state of Mexico.  Six members of the gang were arrested.  The criminal organization is mainly made up of municipal police.  The leader, a police officer, was one of those arrested.  The gang was well organized, carrying out planned kidnappings with coordination and with assignments for the care and feeding of victims and negotiators to arrange ransoms.



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