Calderón condemns organized crime stating Armed Forces are not intimidated, during commemoration ceremonies on “Day of the Army”

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Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  2/19/09
In commemoration of the Day of the Army, President Calderón labeled as cowards and traitors to the nation those who use women and children as part of their strategy to bring about the withdrawal of the Army in its battle against organized crime.
“True to their status as cowards they have even used women and children for small minded purposes, their acts are treason”, said Calderón from the capital city of Nuevo Leon, where there have been six protest demonstrations against the army.
He added “Let no one make a mistake, let no one confuse the sides, the enemies of the country and of all Mexicans are those who assail its institutions, who harass, threaten and extort society, who poison its sons and who betray the country.”
Calderón, who praised the army’s task, asserted that organized crime is condemned to defeat because the Armed Forces and an entire nation are on the side of the Mexicans.
To all who pretend to be above the law, said Calderón, we say that our Armed Forces “are not intimidated nor will they ever desist because they are composed of Mexicans fully committed to the defense of our dear Mexico.”



El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  21/9/09
*     (Only the 1st paragraph of this story follows):

“They have decapitated 10 so far this year”
“Decapitation is a practice that is becoming a recurring one among battling members of organized crime. At least in this city and the Juarez Valley there have been 10 cases from January to date, where, besides the separation of the cephalic extremity, the aggressors place warning messages on the human remains.” 
*     Eighty-seven members of city, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been assassinated in the Juarez area since January 2008 to date. Forty-two of those victims, almost half, were city police officers. The tally for 2008 was 71, while so far this year the number has reached 16.
El Debate  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  2/19/09
21 kilos 200 grams of cocaine were found sealed within all the wheels of a pickup truck at the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The p/u had arrived at Mazatlan in a shipboard container.
(The photo below is one of the wheels)
El Comercio (Lima, Peru)  2/19/09
Almost a third of the world’s production of cocaine comes from Peru; plantings of coca in Peru have reached 53,700 hectares (1 hectare= 2.47 acres) and has increased in areas adjacent to Bolivia. Colombia is still the world’s #1 producer, followed by Peru & Bolivia.
Venezuela continues to be used as one of the main shipping points for illicit drugs from South America and the cocaine contraband has increased spectacularly toward Europe, and especially to Spain.
El Diario de Coahuila  (Saltillo, Coahuila)  2/19/09
“The total of dead victims at the hands of organized crime in the Lagoon Region set a new record today, since just so far this year there have been 43 executions within the zone around the cities of Torreon, Coahuila, Gomez Palacio and Lerdo, Durango.
The concurrent attacks by armed groups in different areas of the public thoroughfares of those cities have the citizenry in fear of going out into the streets, since the number of victims has already surpassed the average of violent deaths in 2008, when there were 98 violent executions.”
(The article ended with the identical format that follows)
“In the last 10 days
“In Torreon 24 homicides
 Gomez Palacio 15 homicides
 Lerdo 4 homicides
Total 43 executions
Executions in 2008  98 assassinations
Executions in 2007  42 assassinations
El Finaciero  (Mexico City)  2/19/09
(Follow-up report re the “El Imparcial” story of 2/18/09)
The three SUV’s in which more than 3 metric tons of marihuana were found west of Nogales, Sonora, all had U.S. license plates;
– Ford Excursion, Ariz. lic. 557WRH
– Ford Excursion, Ariz. lic  758NPG
– Ford Expedition, Ariz. lic. 747WCN
No arrests were reported.
Reforma  (Mexico City)  2/19/09
An “armed commando” burst into a mining company’s facility in the area of Lerdo, Durango, and stole between 20 and 30 kilos of explosives, though the actual amount was not revealed. This is the second such occurrence; on Feb. 14 a different company was robbed of 121 kilos of explosives and 230 detonators.
El Informador  (Guadalajara, Jalisco)  2/19/09
When firemen responded to a call about a swarm of bees in a residential area of Tlajomulco, they also found a backpack which had eight Mk60 grenades, three sets of  handcuffs plus a clip and ammo for an 8 mm. pistol. (Tlajomulco is just south of Guadalajara)
El Sur  (Acapulco, Guerrero)  2/19/09
Just north of Zihuatenejo, Guerrero, Mex. navy personnel manning a checkpoint responded to a report about a nearby vehicle with some armed men in it. When it was all over, and after they had been fired upon from yet other nearby vehicles, they had arrested seven men, seized five vehicles as well as pistols, a fragment grenade, assault rifles, ammo, radios, binoculars, an M1 carbine and clips.
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  2/19/09
Two articles about local issues appear in today’s issue. The first one describes in lengthy and minute detail the events and bloody findings related to the latest six homicide victims found in Ciudad Juarez.
The second article quotes at length from a Ciudad Juarez police officer, who unburdens his personal fears and describes the deadly dangers related to being a policeman in Juarez, adding that these feelings are prevalent and widespread among his fellow workers.
Milenio  (Mexico City)  2/19/09
Eduardo Sojo, president of Mexico’s National Statistics and Geography Dep’t. (“INEGI”), said that the recession in the United States “does not open opportunities for migrants” and brings about the decrease in the entry of Mexicans into that country. At an interview, he explained that the departure of Mexicans, mainly headed to the United States, has decreased due to the higher difficulties of crossing the border, more pressures on the employers and because  “the recession in the United States does not open opportunities for Mexican migrants.”
He explained that the return of co-nationals from the United States to Mexico has also decreased since the economic situation is difficult in both countries or also because the ones who live there prefer to stay because afterward it would be more difficult for them to return.
He pointed out that 933 thousand Mexicans left the country from August of 2006 to the same month month of 2007, and that 478 thousand returned, for a balance of 455 thousand persons; while 654 thousand left and 450 returned from August of 2007 to the same month of 2008, a balance of 204 thousand Mexicans.
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