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Mexico: More killings over the weekend

February 8, 2009

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Sat., Feb. 7
La Jornada  (Mexico City) 2/6/09
The Mayor of Otaez, Durango was last seen on Wednesday the 4th. On Friday, his body was found behind a hotel in Durango. He had been “wrapped”. Four other dead victims of violence, some of them also tortured, were found around the state. All had a number of gunshot wounds.
La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexicali, Baja Calif.)  2/6/09
Three Sinaloa state police officers were killed and two others wounded Thursday night as the result of an ambush by unknown assailants at Palo Verde, Cosala, Sinaloa.
El Universal (Mexico City)  2/6/09
In a nationally publicized speech at Queretaro, President Calderon called for an end to what he termed alarmist and catastrophic thinking in regard to the country’s economic and security situation.
The attachment is a cartoon addressed to the President in response to that speech. The sign hanging from the man’s neck reads: “Please excuse my feelings of doom and gloom”


Sun., Feb. 8
El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora)  2/7/09
*     Two Sonora State Investigations Agency officers were found dead next to their patrol unit on a back road of the Sierra de Alamos area. Both had been shot repeatedly.
*     An eleven month old boy died at a hospital in Hermosillo from a gunshot wound to his head. The baby had been in a car with his parents when they became targets of an armed assault. Both his father – an ex-policeman – and his mother were also killed.
*     The “wrapped” body of a man was found around midnight Friday in Nogales, Sonora, “a few meters” from the U.S. Consulate.
*     Three different actions by Mex. military in ranches of the Nogales area resulted in seizures of 840 kilos, 218 kilos and 81 kilos of weed. At one, Rancho Los Fresnos, they also found firearms and ammunition.
El Sur  (Acapulco, Guerrero)  2/7/09
Three “young men” were found at Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero; all three had their hands and feet tied and their head taped; all three had been given a coup de grace shot.
Other gunfire events took place in Arcelia, Zihuatenejo and Acapulco. The state of Guerrero has now had nine homicides this month.
Milenio  (Mexico City)  2/7/09
*     The body of a man was found in the rear of a vehicle in Zihuatenejo, Guerrero. He was nude, his feet were tied and his hands were tied behind his back. He’d been tortured and had been riddled by gunfire. Two AK47’s and a 9 mm. Glock with a 40 round capacity clip were also left in that vehicle.
*     There are preliminary reports of the death of some Mexican military following an ambush Saturday morning in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. Witnesses reported one military and two thugs had died. At least one Fresnillo policeman is under arrest due to his involvement with the criminals. Bazookas, grenades and firearms were all reportedly used in this event.
Mon., Feb. 9
El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  2/8/09
*     A Mex. federal judge issued an arrest order against six past and present Chihuahua City police officers for various and repeated violations of law including organized crime activities and homicide.
*     A report by a Juarez youth assessment organization states that forty percent of adolescents in Juarez neither attend school nor work. “They take to the streets” and make that and crime their way of life, even becoming hired criminals at an early age.
El Manana (Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas)  2/8/09
The armed confrontation in the Fresnillo, Zacatecas area resulted from an attack on a military base. The result was one military and four thugs dead. The attack was a reaction by the thugs who have ruled the area by means of extortions and kidnappings, wishing to reassert their power and influence.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  2/8/09
An accounting of some new events around Mexico:
*     There have been six homicide victims in Juarez “within the last few hours” all due to organized crime. All victims died from gunshots and all were under 26 years of age.
*     In Sinaloa: two others, as above. Plus three arrests at a marihuana field at the town of Choix.
*     One more victim in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. And a “wrapped” one found in Nogales.
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  2/8/09
The first week of February has ended with 62 homicides in Juarez.
Cambio de Michoacán  (Morelia, Michoacán)  2/8/09
“Latin youths, the disenchantment?”             – full transl. –
Two weeks into the Presidency of the United States, Barack Obama has issued few statements relating to immigration; nevertheless, his posture about this problem area affecting nearly eight million undocumented Mexicans residing there, and those who are considering to go, results in an interesting topic to deal with, considering the leaning of the current president toward an Integral Immigration Reform, which also goes hand in hand with border security.
This plan consists of some type of legalization of the undocumented persons who currently reside in this country and the increase of visas for the immigrant workers, as well as promoting assistance for Mexican economic development for the purpose of reducing the number of illegal “guests.” However, it also proposes to add personnel, infrastructure and state of the art technology for the border and in our border crossing points.  So, are we now dealing with a “virtual barrier” with larger protection for the United States to prevent by all means the increase in the number of immigrants under the slogan of helping “to not separate families” and thus favor his nation?
The motive that took more than 17 million young Latins to the voting booths last Nov. 4, 2008, in the United States presidential elections is called: Integral Immigration Reform, included in Obama’s Latin Project for Change, which could well be called, “Not one more Latin.”
According to Obama this could be the time to fix his damaged immigration system, (which) says: “We need a more strict application of law on the border and places of work….” Sounds good, no? But this is where the world of make believe across shows up. What really interests the United States is to reduce the half million of immigrants who enter illegally each year across its borders, down to zero.
Implicit fence.
Esmeralda Serrato, 22 years of age and a student in the Faculty of Economics, says with boredom: “I believe that the implementation of these measures is going to present even more obstacles to the entry of immigrants into this country, and of course the repercussions will befall on Mexico, given that what is going to happen to all the unemployed here, they would have no alternatives, and to boot, criminality and other factors which tend to weaken our society would grow, and besides it would be a threat to the State because organized crime would worsen much more.” 
Regarding the “implicit fence”, the young woman, learned on the subject, said: “Really, I doubt that they would only carry out non physical defenses, meaning that it’s properly not a fence such as Bush proposed, one which Obama certainly voted for in 2006, authorizing its construction in key points of the Mexico-United States border. On the other hand, the Obama administration faces another inconvenience about integral immigration reform, since there is a very powerful and organized anti-immigrant group which is opposed to reducing border controls, legalization of undocumented persons and increasing the number of visas for workers or another type of immigrants. And it is very important because up to this moment this group, with strong allies in Congress, has been able to halt any effort in that regard. Nevertheless I think it’s a very good idea that he might give the workers the rights which they deserve, and besides that he give them the opportunity of becoming American citizens. They finally realized that the immigrants, mostly Mexicans, represent one of the main work forces in their country, and that they need us, because it’s work that they are not going to do.”
As a final commentary Esmeralda stated, with some reservations: ” Let us hope that the project does not affect Mexicans so much, and that if in truth Obama and Cabinet are going to assist Mexico in the creation of jobs and security, that they do so without wanting much in return, since this also indicates an increased domination by the country neighbor to us.”
Pure mockery.
“Clearly, the Integral Immigration Reform does nothing more than to point out measures to stop the illegal flow in its borders. The United States doesn’t want more Latins in its territory”, explains Javier Orihuela Rivas, an Economics student at the University of Morelia, who currently is developing an analysis about said plan: “The borders will be secured. Obama asks integrity in its borders. He supports placing more safeguard personnel (gorillas), infrastructure and technology on the borders with Mexico. Also, as icing on the cake, Obama will eliminate incentives to illegal entry into the United States taking energetic measures against employers who would hire undocumented immigrants. So, neither very good, nor very transparent. So as you see, they once again, as usual, saw our sly devil faces. Of course, not everything is bad. Obama, no fool, intends to speed up the residency processing for the fellow countrymen. Since the time the crisis exploded, more than 30% of the immigrants have returned home, so that by the time this happens I don’t think even 20 percent of them will remain.”
“How can we feel not to be part of this phenomenon?, when we are considered in speeches at a world level” Note the irony with which Judith Camacho, 22 years of age, states: “In reality I had no idea what Obama’s reform said, I thought they were going to cut him down to size, but now I see that it isn’t so. We let ourselves believe what’s on TV. Our ignorance came to give Obama his victory, but what’s to do if everything’s the same. Here the idiots are us for continuing to believe.”
At first, the political strategy of including not only Mexico but all Latin America in his project of change worked. And read between the lines. Precisely why is it that today, when its economy is eminently screwed up, is it that the United States is to consider us as part of its lineage?
Perhaps because, as its stated on the official version (Latin Project for Change), rendered unto the latin world by Obama’s cabinet, “Hispanic Americans have contributed to the greatness of this nation, faith being its major contribution” Faith? Ah! Now I understand everything, but I don’t believe that it might seem funny to the almost 250 thousand Latins who lost their job last year in the construction industry. When all is said and done faith has no exchange value in the market.
In the words of an immigrant.
Ricardo Garcia is a young man from Morelia who after interrupting his preparatory studies and working at a hamburger stand had the need to emigrate to the United States, since all his family lives there. After four years as a resident of Santa Anna (sic),
United States, the economic crisis brought him back. Thus he speaks about the immigration issue, recounting, first, his experience: “It’s very difficult to go the other side, the migra (read: Border Patrol) is everywhere, for that reason one needs good contacts, because if one doesn’t do it, me, they almost caught me…. I was working in several places, as a gardener, in eating places, among others, but after the crisis the thing got more difficult. They fired a slew of people, me among them, and too the authorities put more pressure in the work places where they had immigrants, so that it wasn’t so easy to get work anymore. That’s why I came back.”
Regarding president Barack Obama’s immigration plan, Ricardo stated: “I imagine with more security on the border it’s going to get worse, I’m not going to be able to go again anymore, and my family is also going to return, let’s see how we manage over here (he sighed). Well, fewer persons are going to be able to go to the gringo, and if they do so their life will be in more danger, what with that they would put more cameras, aerial vehicles and I don’t know what else. Besides someone told me that because of that plan the businesses were being forced to fire the undocumented.” To end, Ricardo asked, “Now it’s the Mexican government’s turn to get ready and create jobs here, because otherwise things are going to get intense, they shouldn’t be fools, they always have to be asking the United States for help about things they cannot resolve, pardon me but they ought not to f— it up, we are the ones who lose.”
Did you know that…..?
Almost 23.3 percent of the young population of the United States is Latin, and that 80 percent of their families are illegal.
– end of report –  

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