Mexico: Homicide and kidnapping statistics for 2008 are staggering!

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Excelsior  (Mexico City)  1/14/08
The author of “El Secuestro en Mexico” (“Kidnapping in Mexico”), Jose A. Ortega, is also the president of Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Penal Justice. Some of his findings and statistics reveal that organized crime claimed the lives of more than five thousand 500 persons in Mexico during 2008, a figure 20% higher than the total of U.S. military deaths in Iraq since the start of that conflict in May, 2003.
There were also 1,028 kidnapping reports in Mexico last year; 65 of those victims were killed.

El Imparcial
  (Hermosillo, Sonora) 1/14/09
The State of Sonora Public Security office reported that there were 398 homicides related to organized crime in Sonora last year, a 30% increase over 2007. The city of Nogales, on the border, registered 116 of them, 26% of the total.


Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) , Excelsior  (Mexico City)  1/14/09
Jesus Hernandez, Chief of Police for Coatzocoalcos, Veracruz, plus three smaller neighboring cities, was on his day off Tuesday evening and riding with his two children, both under five years of age, when he was intercepted by a group of armed men and was forcibly carried off. The two children were left in Hernandez’ vehicle. (Coatzocoalcos is on the northern end of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, a commonly used area for passage of drugs and illegal aliens.)
El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, edition) 1/14/09
(Some item headlines from the local news section):
–    Shootout in the Fidel Avila (a section of the city) leaves four dead
–    Van is found loaded with marihuana after it collides
–    Man riddled by gunfire in shopping center
–    Body found this morning was that of a baseball player who’d been forcibly abducted.
–    Lifeless body found in Satellite Gardens
–    Businessman shot
La Prensa  (Mexico City)  1/14/08
A man who was run over by several vehicles in the city of Chihuahua was found to have his mouth gagged, his hands tied with wire and he had been shot in the head. He had been dumped on a viaduct and several vehicles ran over him but did not stop.
(A photo accompanying this article is attached. The second attachment – a cartoon – is self explanatory; the “FMI” at the entrance to the tunnel is believed to relate to the Intn’tl. Monetary Fund.)
Milenio  (Mexico City)  1/14/09
“Operation Northeast”, Mexico’s military effort against organized crime in the states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, was reinforced with the arrival of more than 300 soldiers at the city of Reynosa (just up the Rio Grande from Matamoros.)
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