US Government sends protective equipment to Mexico

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El Universal (Mexico City) 1/7/09


The US government invested six million dollars in personal protection equipment to shield Mexican Federal Police and agents of the department of justice (PGR).  The US will deliver armored vehicles and bulletproof vests, among other supplies, to guarantee security for those combating organized crime in Mexico.


Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox, said he hopes to meet with Barak Obama this year to discuss immigration issues.  The ex-president has a number of plans for 2009 to remain an active figure in Mexican politics.


El Universal and several other news media made note of the announcement by the US Border Patrol to release “migracorridos” for Mexican listeners.  The word is a combination of “migra,” slang for Border Patrol, and “corrido,” a popular lively music style with lyrics that carry messages.  The three corridos released for airing in Mexico carry warnings of the dangers of illegal border crossings into the US. 



El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 1/7/09


A heavily armed group attacked the parking area of the TV station, Televisa Monterrey, last night with gunfire and a fragmentation grenade.  They also left a “narco-message” on a car in central Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo Leon.  The message, not reported in its entirety, contained a demand that the TV station, or perhaps all media, report on all the narco groups and not just theirs.  Although no one was injured in the attack, medics treated several bystanders for “hysteria.”  The federal justice department (PGR) is conducting the investigation and the station is under heavy security by local police agencies.



Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 1/7/09


Police in Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas, arrested eight people, including five “Zetas”, for the torture and murder of eight people [M3 report 12/25/08].  The multi-homicide happened December 23.  Authorities said there are more people involved in the murders, which appear to have been over a conflict between drug smugglers along the Guatemalan border.



Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Callifornia) 1/7/09


A summary of Tijuana headlines for today:

Macabre discovery: Four men decapitated in Otay;

Unstoppable violence; young man, 22, executed;

Two bodies wrapped in blankets found near cemetery.



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