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Mexican drug cartels are reported to be equal in fighting power to elite military forces

December 30, 2008

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 El Universal (Mexico City) 12/30/08

Mexican soldiers arrested an important leader of the drug cartel called La Familia.  The Army, working in a secret investigation with Mexico’s drug enforcement agency (SIEDO) and judicial authorities, captured “at least” three members of the cartel, one of them Nazario “El Chayo” Moreno Gonzalez, considered to be third in line of command of the criminal organization.  La Familia operates in at least six states in the central and south of the country, having its headquarters in Michoacán.  The arrests were made in Morelos, the capital city of that state.


The “armies” of the Mexican drug cartels are reported to be equal in fighting power to elite military forces.  Testimony from protected witnesses describe the combat units of the separate cartels as having the same equipment, arms, tactics and discipline as the best units of Mexico’s army. [A more detailed report may be accessed at]



El Debate (Sinaloa) 12/30/08


Of passing interest:  Laura Zuñiga, who was arrested December 23 with members of the Sinaloa drug cartel, has lost her beauty title of Miss Sinaloa as well as her title  as Miss Latin America.  She has been replaced in those titles by the runners-up in the contests.



El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 12/30/08


The home of a commander in the state department of public security was shot up by heavy firearms this morning in the town of San Nicolas [Monterrey area].  The commander was home with his family during the attack, but no one was injured.  At least seven rounds hit the house and took out windows.



Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 12/30/08


Today closes the state of Baja California’s 2007-08 campaign for turning in firearms and explosives.  A total of 1,932 arms, 70 fragmentation grenades and more than 2,000 rounds of different caliber ammo were collected by the Army.  The arms were turned in by citizens for monetary compensation up to 1,000 pesos.  All weapons will be destroyed.


Three women and a man were arrested yesterday by the Mexican military in Tijuana with 1,204 packages of marihuana totaling 2,588.8 kilos.  At the place of arrest, soldiers also seized shotgun and pistol ammo and a luxury 2008 vehicle.  [Photo relates]




El Imparical (Hermosillo, Sonora) 12/30/08


A new tunnel, presumably used by drug traffickers, has been discovered in Nogales, Sonora, totaling 14 such discoveries since October.  The tunnel is located in a channel some 100 meters [direction not provided] from the Dennis DeConcini port of entry to the US.  The newspaper promised more details tomorrow.



El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 12/30/08


A unit of Mexican Army troops discovered a clandestine graveyard near Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, containing at least nine bodies.  The area is suspected of being a “narco-graveyard, but that has not yet been confirmed.  Officials are finding that information from the public in that area is difficult to obtain. 



Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 12/30/08


A gang of four whose criminal activities have damaged tourism in the state of Chiapas have been arrested.  The group carried out assaults against tourists visiting the Palenque archeological area, robbing them along various roads in the vicinity.  During the arrests, police seized stolen property as well as four machetes, apparently the robbers’ weapons of choice.



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