First Merida Initiative funds released by the U.S. to Mexico for purchase of equipment and training to help combat terror

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 Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas)  12/4/08
Seventy police from San Cristobal de las Casas , Chiapas, will be attending school from 7 to 9 p.m., Mon-Fri, for six months, “by level”. The reason: they never went to, or finished, elementary school.
Critica  (Hermosillo, Sonora) , El Debate  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  12/4/08
Thirteen males were found by the side of a dirt road near San Igacio, north of Mazatlan in southern Sinaloa. All thirteen had their hands tied behind their back, and all had been shot.
El Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  12/4/08
The first “Merida Initiative” funds were released by the U.S. to Mexico and will be utilized for the transfer of equipment and for training police, states’ attorneys, immigration, customs and armed forces personnel. The initial amount is 197.1 million dollars out of the 400 slated for the first year. The Merida Initiative is a three year program totaling 1.4 billion dollars.
The equipment will consist of detection gear to search for narcotics and explosives in containers, vehicles and in storage.
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  12/4/08
Last Monday and Tuesday there were eleven different attempts to bring drugs from Nogales, Sonora, across the border crossing ports at Nogales, Arizona. This after the seizure of close to two million dollars worth of drugs over the last weekend.
El Universo  (Guayaquil, Ecuador)  12/4/08
In August of 2005 a boat carrying 103 Ecuadorans sank in the Pacific and 90 persons drowned. All the passengers were headed north to attempt to enter the United States illegally.
Now, an attorney for Rosa Cruz, one of the nine survivors of the sinking, has filed a tort claim for $10 million dollars against the U.S. Embassy in Quito. She alleges that U.S. Embassy personel interviewed Cruz after the sinking, while she was still a minor and without the presence of any Ecuadoran officials, and offered her a visa to the United States if she would furnish information about the “coyotes.”
Cruz now says she’ll drop the suit if they’ll give her, her husband and their child, a visa so she can go live with her mother in the United States.
Two other survivors made a new attempt to reach the United States; one was returned two weeks ago. The other one, according to his family, has been in the U.S. for the last eight months.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  12/4/08
–     Information furnished by the Mex. armed forces to the Mex. Chamber of Deputies (House of Representatives) reveals that 18 thousand soldiers have so far deserted from the Mex. army in 2008, and that the eight year total is now 150 thousand. The number of deserters from “elite” forces is 1,560.
–     Martin Huerta, the second in command of the Mex. Dep’t. of Justice office in Juarez and an administrative assistant accompanying him were both assassinated at a busy Juarez street intersection on Wednesday afternoon. The two had stopped for a traffic light when armed felons came up even with them, opened fire and even dismounted from their vehicles to shoot from directly outside the victims’ vehicle; then they got back in their vehicles and left without any problem. More than one hundred spent shells of 7.62X39 caliber were later found at the scene.
Huerta had been investigating the Nov. 13th assassination of the Juarez newspaper journalist Armando Rodriguez.
Eleven other persons were murdered in Chihuahua during the last 24 hours.
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