Guatemala has fourth highest rate of violence in Latin America

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Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala) , El Universal  (Mexico City) 11/26/08
The “Latin American Technology Information Network” presented a study titled “Violence map: the youth of Latin America” ; it shows that Guatemala has the highest index of violence in Latin America after El Salvador, Colombia and Venezuela. The report is based on a ten year study of homicides in 83 countries and the term “youths” is defined in the study as those between 15 and 24 years of age; when this group is included, Guatemala’s rate of homicides rises to 55.4 per one hundred thousand residents. Latin America is the world’s region with the highest rate of homicides of males in this age group: it is double that of Africa, triple that of North America and “very distant” from that of Europe.
The director of the Alliance Home of Guatemala, Leonel Dubon, attributes the high rate of homicides of men in that age bracket to the high levels of impunity caused by deficient performance by prosecutorial agencies, police investigations and court verdicts. “In the capital alone we record at least two adolescents dead per day”….”a situation with multiple causes which include consumption of illegal substances, their great availability”….”and the extreme poverty of at least half the population.”
El Diario , Norte (both Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua),  El Universal (Mexico City)  11/26/08
–     Half of the State of Chihuahua Special Investigative Agency who took a personal background test have flunked it. Those agents total 101 out of 201 in the agency. Some, but not all, have already been separated.
From El Diario’s Chihuahua state news section:  John Cook, mayor of El Paso, Texas, said that the narcotraffic problem must not be a factor to break the good relations between El Paso and Chihuahua. “The persons who are not involved must not have any fear at all”
(However, the very same state news section also carried the following reports):
–     State Police Chief executed in the capital city at 10:30 a.m., walking on a sidewalk downtown.
–     Teenager has throat slashed and is raped. Her nude body was dumped.
–     Bodies of two executed men are found by side of road near Cuauhtemoc.
–     A 25 year old was shot and killed by an AK47 in a car-to-car attack in Chihuahua City
–     Four family members including a 50 year old woman shot while riding in a vehicle in Urique.
On its front page, “Norte” reported twenty-two murders in Juarez in the last 24 hours (A copy of that page is attached to this report. The headline reads in part: “Violence horrifies.”)
“El Universal”, a major Mexico City paper, reports that the homicide total for Juarez and the Juarez Valley (the area just down the Rio Grande from Juarez itself)  has now reached 1,401 so far this year. It also adds that Joint Operation Chihuahua will be reinforced by 2,026 military and 426 federal agents starting this next Thursday.
An unusual incident has been reported in a number of Mexican papers: a van was “cloned” to be a replica of a Budweiser beer vehicle. But it was found to be carrying thirteen illegal aliens, eight of them Chinese. The U.S. Border Patrol made the bust Monday near Three Points, northwest of Nogales, AZ.
El Pulso  (San Luis Potosi, SLP)  11/26/08
(The following is in contrast with the advocacy of issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in the U.S.):
First time applicants for a driver’s license in San Luis Potosi must present a birth certificate, an official identification (either a passport, a military registration card or a voter’s registration (which in Mexico amounts to a national I.D.) proof of domicile, a clean criminal record reports, plus medical and eye exams.  There is no indication that the written test is administered in any language other than Spanish.
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