Mexico news reports that “only” 814,000 Mexicans left the country last year – down from 1,026,000 in 2006

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El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 11/20/08

Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography reported that the rate of emigration of Mexicans shows a decline in the period 2006-2008 since last year only 814,000 Mexicans went to live in another country, a smaller number when compared to the one million 26 thousand in 2006. Between February and May of 2006, 14.6 out of every thousand residents of Mexico changed their residence to another country.

El Financiero (Mexico City) 11/20/08

– Fernando Gomez Mont, Mexico’s Secretary of Government, warned that the federal government will not take one backward step in its struggle against organized crime. During the ceremony headed by President Calderon commemorating the 98th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, Gomez asserted that the battle against that present scourge is a similar challenge to that which the country experienced at that stage of its history. He added that “we cannot feel satisfied until Mexican families feel safe.”
– The Memorandum of Understanding between Cuba and Mexico regarding Migratory Matters becomes effective November 21st. It provides for the exchange of information between the two countries and for the speed-up of the return of Cubans to their country from Mexico, meant to bring this traffic to a halt.

Cambio de Michoacan (Morelia, Michoacan) 11/20/08

Four bodies were found Thursday morning around Tancitaro, Michoacan; they all evidenced signs of torture and bullet impacts. At least two of them had their hands and feet tied and had been shot in the back of the neck.

El Universal (Mexico City) 11/21/08

– Noe Ramirez Mandujano was the “anti-drug czar” of “SIEDO” ( the Mex. Dep’t. of Justice’s Organized Crime Special Investigations Agency.) Yesterday, he was detained for his probable participation in a high level corruption network which furnished information to the Beltran Leyva (drug cartel) brothers. “Excelsior” (also a Mexico City paper, same date) added that Mexico’s AG said that Ramirez is accused of receiving 450 thousand dollars per month in exchange for revealing the federal government’s anti-drug strategies to the drug traffickers. Also under investigation are Miguel Colorado Gonzalez, ex-“SIEDO” Technical Coordinator, and Fernando Rivera Hernandez, ex-“SIEDO” deputy director of Intelligence.
– US Border Patrol Agents detected another couple of tunnels in the Sonora, AZ, area. This is reported as a fairly common occurrence in that area; the tunnels are usually tied in to the underground drainage system that crosses the international border.
– After a rare quiet day, nine persons were executed in Tijuana, Baja Calif., in the last 24 hours, plus two more in Rosarito, just 18 miles to the south. Six men were shot to death in Chihuahua: two in the state’s capital city, one in Parral and three in Juarez. But “Norte” (Ciudad Juarez paper, same date) set the record straight and reported four, not three, assassinations in Juarez yesterday. That paper also devoted an entire column to furnishing advice and recommendations to the readers about how to minimize their personal security risks while out on the streets of the city.)

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